What is Chlamydia , Truth and Question

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What is Chlamydia, Truth and Question

What is Chlamydia , Truth and Question

What is Chlamydia, Truth and QuestionWhat is chlamydia question may become the most common utterance that stated by people when feel curious about the disease. This well known disease as silent disease is caused by the infection of chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. Even though the sign and symptom is rarely found clearly but usually will develop after few weeks after the initial infection occur. The symptoms itself will be different between men and women. Women with chlamydia usually will have change vaginal discharge or burning sensation during urinate process. While men will feel unusual penis discharge, pain and swelling in testicle area along with burning urination.

What is Chlamydia Effect

When the infection get further spreading, it will affect women genital tract and causing pelvic inflammatory disease. Further, this will lead into more serious reproduction problem such as ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Not only attacking reproduction area,chlamydia is also possible to attack your eye. Infection without proper treatment may resulting trachoma and causing blindness. In fact, women get higher risk to get chlamydia than men. Furthermore, women with chlamydia will have higher risk to get infected by HIV if they are exposed.

What is Chlamydia, Truth and Question1

If you have question about what is chlamydia and the area infected then the answer of it is not only vaginal area. It may also infecting the cervix, rectum and throat. This disease spread through vaginal, oral and anal sex. More worst scenario that possible to happen is the possibility of passing chlamydia into baby when pregnant women have it during the childbirth. Your unhealthy habit such as unprotected sex intercourse will increase your possibility to get reinfected. Women in young age more likely to get attack by chlamydia especially when they have multiple partner.

What is Chlamydia Complication Problem

Best way to find out whether you have chlamydia or not is by taking the test. Usually swab and urine sample will be needed to be observe. Women need to do this test anytime they suspected the sign, having partner with STD or during prenatal visit. If possible, take the test every year to get proper treatment when you have this disease. Without proper treatment, you will get infection in your uterus and fallopian tubes that ended in pelvic inflammatory disease. Furthermore, this type of disease will bring lead into permanent damage on the reproduction organ such as pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy and even infertility in women.

In men, what is chlamydia effect is not as serious in women. Men may have fever, pain and problem in the tube that carrier sperm. If you are pregnant women, you may also spread the disease into the baby during the childbirth. The baby can be born with eye infection and pneumonia. Besides that, early birth is also common to happen in you are infected by chlamydia during pregnancy period. That is why you better digging more when you are questioning about what is chlamydia.

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