What is Chlamydia Part 1, Myth and Fact

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What is Chlamydia Part 1, Myth and Fact

What is chlamydia  may become most common question that often arise among us. In fact, it is not the only one that important. You are also need to find more information about the fact and myth that surrounding chlamydia. It is important since there are a lot of myth about chlamydia that is dangerous for your health if you just believe it without seeking for further information. Here are several myth that you better aware:

The first myth is chlamydia will dissapeared by its own.

In fact, chlamydia can not vanished by its own just like when you catch cold. It is impossible to hang on your immune system to get cure. The common way to get heal is by taking antibiotic. If you left chlamydia untreated then you may possible to get pelvic inflammatory disease which may lead into series of women health reproduction hazard such as ectopic pregnancy and infertility. In men, patient may get epididymitis and infertility.

What is Chlamydia myth and immunity

Once you get chlamydia then you will be immune of it

Nobody can be immune toward chlamydia. This is the fact that you should understand rather than just find out what is chlamydia. You cannot be immune toward  chlamydia trachomatis even though you are get it once. Without safe sex, you may get it again or other STD disease. It is better to avoid any sexual intercourse until the infection fully treated and allowed by your doctor.

What is chlamydia myth around sexual activity

Oral and anal sex will be safe from chlamydia

Similar with other type of sexual transmitted infection, chlamydia bacteria can be passed through any type sexual intercourse. It means it will be also include oral and anal. That is why protected sex is the best prevention. However, it is best to get tested to find the most proper treatment.

Chlamydia will only attack once

When you are talking about what is chlamydia, you may heard that it will only attack once in a lifetime. In fact, it is only a myth. Once you have sex with partner that has chlamydia then you may have 30 percent of risk to get it. Long term chlamydia is even worse since it may lead into infertility. So forget about the people who convince you that chlamydia will attack once in a lifetime since you know far more better about what is chlamydia.

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