Symptoms of Chlamydia in Women Brief Explanation

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Symptoms of Chlamydia in Women Brief Explanation

Symptoms of Chlamydia in Women Brief Explanation

Symptoms of Chlamydia in Women Brief ExplanationSymptoms of chlamydia in women is certainly caused by chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. Commonly, this disease attacking without any easily to see symptom. It makes difficult to make sure whether you have the infection or not. Even though it can be simply medicated with antibiotic but most of patient is unaware. Without awareness, the bacterial infection may lead into a long term effect. Series of serious damage of women reproductive organs and other part of the body such as eyes, throat and lungs commonly happen.

Untreated symptoms of chlamydia in women may cause infertility. Asymptomatic fact of chlamydia makes it commonly called as silent infection. Attacking women under 20 years old with active sexual activity, this disease is becoming one of the most common spreading sexually transmitted disease. Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria usually spreading through several sexual activity such as vaginal, oral and anal.

Symptoms of chlamydia in women prevention

Most of us may already know that wearing condoms before having sexual intercourse can help us to prevent chlamydia infection. Besides that, you and your partner should get routine screening. It is essential to make sure that you are not infected by chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. The test is needed since most of chlamydia symptom in women commonly comes without any notice. In fact, only 30 % of women who have chlamydia notice about the symptom. Usually, the symptom itself, if appear will begin to show around 3 weeks aftSymptoms of Chlamydia in Women Brief Explanationer the initial infection.

Symptoms of chlamydia in women list

When chlamydia infection attack the uterine cervix then there will be unusual thing in women discharge.  The discharge commonly will be yellow or milky white. Burning sensation while urinating is also becomes another common symptom that occur. The burning feeling is caused by the infection in the urethra area. Without proper treatment, the chlamydia infection will spread from cervix into fallopian tubes. Once the infection reach fallopian tubes then series of symptoms will be appear.

Those complication are nausea, fever, abdominal or lower back pain feeling, spotting between period and pain or even bleeding during sexual intercourse. Without awareness, the infection will be left untreated. Untreated chlamydia will be ended into infertility cases. The infertility here happen because of the infection of chlamydia bacterial already spreading into fallopian tubes and ovaries. The hairs lining of fallopian tubes will be damage and create scar or blocked the tubes. The blocked tubes is the reason of permanent infertility. This is the reason why you need to be aware of symptoms of chlamydia in women.

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