Symptom of Oral Chlamydia Fact

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Symptom of Oral Chlamydia Fact

Symptom of Oral Chlamydia Fact

Symptom of Oral Chlamydia FactSymptom of oral chlamydia  is not an easy thing to get since most of chlamydia case occur without appeared symptom. The only fact that exact known is that the oral chlamydia is caused by chlamydia trachomatis bacteria infection. The infection passed from a person to another through sexual contact. Chlamydia bacteria is not only infected genital area but also eyes, throat and other. Even though this disease is easy to healed with antibiotic but the asymptomatic condition makes it hard to recognize it earlier. When it is left without proper treatment then some serious health hazard may occur.

Symptom of oral chlamydia list

It may difficult to find the symptom. However, you are still possible to be aware of several common symptom that likely appear. Those common symptom are sore throat, mild fever, chills, throat infection and flu like symptom. Not only that, you may also have swollen tonsils, sores in tongue and lips. The flu like symptom makes most people misunderstood about this symptom. Unluckily, even though the flu like symptom may come and clear up quickly but it does not guarantee that the infection is vanished.

Anytime you suspect that you contact with person who has chlamydia then you better get a quick test to get immediately treatment. Commonly, doctor will prescribe you some oral antibiotics to quickly healed chlamydia. You just need to finish the treatment completely to make sure that the infection will not reinfected again. However, left untreated oral chlamydia can lead into various severe health problems such as permanent damage of upper respiratory tract.

Symptom of oral chlamydia

Symptom of Oral Chlamydia FactSymptom of oral chlamydia or chlamydia itself usually attack those who are under 25 years of age or above that have active sexual relationship. Person that have multiple partner will have higher risk to get infected than those who have monogamy relationship in long term. However, you still need to get tested to makes that the disease will not attacking you. Be sure that your partner also take the test to get proper treatment together. Without cooperation and together awareness, the bacterial infection may re-attack you again and resulting oral chlamydia.

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