STD Test Brief Detail

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STD Test Brief Detail test  is important to make sure whether you have infected with STD or not. Taking the test is important since some of sexually transmitted disease comes up without any seen symptom. For the places, there are a lot of health center that offering STD test facility. Usually, people will go to the doctor places to do the test. Unluckily, going to doctor will need much budget since the insurance companies may not fully cover it. Moreover, some additional fee may also applied.

STD test importance

Most people with sexual transmitted disease may do not aware that they have the disease in their body. That is why getting regular test is needed to make sure on your own health. Some STD is also have similar symptom like flu or fever. Without having tested, you will not possible to find out whether you need treatment for STD or not. Before taking the test, you will need to consider about several factor such as the confidentiality side, result period and testing location.

STD test location choice

Doctor or clinic

If this place become your option then you will find a private physician office to take the test. Of course, not all doctor can provide you this facility. Great things about taking the test in physician office is minimize your risk to have conflict with other medication and treatment that you may have.  Before taking the test, commonly you will need to give information about your medical history and sexual activity. Physical exam is also required sometimes. Sample is taken and send to the lab. We just need to wait the result and coming back to the doctor to get the result. However, this is an expensive choice to do.

STD clinic

STD clinic can be a great choice for you who want to minimize your budget. It is a good place to go since the staff usually consist of specialized doctors in sexual transmitted infections. You can get faster result and comfortable environment to discuss about sexual issues. Unluckily, STD clinic usually have a long wait times because of the limited schedule.

Planned parenthood parenthood federation of America is a kind of non profit organization that provide STD testing and other type of sexual health and family planning services.  What you  need to do is just visit the place and request for the test based on your STD type. The procedure is similar with doctor clinics. Starting with informed your medical and sexual history then you may need to do some physical examination. Sample is collected and test is done.

Online STD testing

Visit website that provide FDA approved STD test. Purchased the individual test packages then take the sample. The sample will be send into well known safe laboratory such as LabCorp and Quest Diagnostic. Usually, it will need small blood or urine sample. Result will be sent via email or can be seen in online account. Commonly, you can get the result from 1 up to 3 business day.

At home kits

Be sure that you are choosing the test kit that approved by FDA. Be sure to use the test kit as soon as you feel suspicious of infection attack to get reliable result of your STD test.

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