STD Infection Risk during Pregnancy

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STD Infection Risk during Pregnancy

STD infection risk will be vary depend on the kind of infection that attack during pregnancy. However, every kind of STD bring risk of such pregnancy complication such as stillbirth, miscarriage, preterm delivery ans smaller baby size. Not only that, left untreated infection will also possible to pass the infection toward the baby inside the womb through labor process. To avoid any unwanted effect, you better talk to your doctor or health provider to get some screening test during pregnancy.

Syphilis infection risk on pregnancy

Pregnant woman need to get VDRL test to find out whether they have syphilis infection or not. Without early recognition or proper treatment then syphilis may causing stillbirth, miscarriage or even shortly dead after birth. Usually, pregnant woman will treated with penicillin to prevent infection transmission toward the babies.

HIV infection risk during pregnancy

HIV is easily transmitted to the baby from  pregnant woman. The virus that can causes AIDS is also possible to resulting stillbirth and miscarriage. Not only treated with certain antiviral medication, pregnant woman with HIV is also adviced to take antiretroviral therapy that proved successfully around 98 percent in preventing the HIV transmission.

Viral hepatitis infection risk on pregnant woman

Hepatitis B and C may transmitted from infected mother to the baby during labor or infected in the womb. To avoid further effect, newborn need to get vaccinated. Newborn baby from a positive hepatitis B mother is even need to get vaccine immediately around 12 hours after birth. Not only get vaccinated, the newborn baby is also need immune globulin treatment. Unluckily, chronic infection of hepatitis B is not often showing symptom. If left untreated, baby will face liver cancer and cirrhosis risk in the future.

Herpes risk on pregnancy

Genital herpes as the most common type of herpes infection attack will carry several risk during pregnancy such as miscarriage, premature birth and infection transmission. The risk of getting transmitted infection will be higher is the baby is delivered vaginally or contacted with active lesion at birth. Usually, antiviral medication such as zovirax will be adviced to take during last trimester of pregnancy to avoid genital herpes break out while delivering. Besides that, cesarean section is also commonly suggested to take instead of genital labor.

Bacterial vaginosis

Other STD infection risk to be aware during pregnancy is bacterial vaginosis. This type of STD is caused by the overgrowth of certain kind of bacteria because of having multiple sexual partner.  This kind of infection may lead into premature birth and low birth weight babies. If you experience fishy odor or burning and itchy sensation on the labia then you better immeately contacting health provider to have antibiotic medication.

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Gonorrhea infection risk

During pregnancy, mother with gonorrhea infection may experience premature birth, miscarriage, pelvic inflammatory disease, premature rupture or uterus infection. Withour proper treatment, serious infection may passed to the newborn baby during delivery.

Chlamydia infection risk on pregnancy

As the most common sexual transmitted disease, chlamdyia carry various effect during pregnancy if left untreated. Pregnant mother may suffer with premature birth, stillbirth, smaller size in gestational age, pelvic inflammatory disease and miscarriage. The chlamydia bacterial infection is also possible to be transmitted if left untreated without any antiviral medication or other proper treatment.

Based on the fact above, pregnant mother need to have early awareness to get screening and proper test to avoid any STD infection risk.

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