STD in Men, Gay and Bisexual Protection

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STD in Men, Gay and Bisexual Protection

STD in Men, Gay and Bisexual Protection

STD in Men, Gay and Bisexual ProtectionSTD in men, gay and bisexual is commonly happen. In fact, half of sexually active people will get sexually transmitted disease by age 25 in the United States. This type of disease will be passed from intimate physical contact and sexual activity.  Sexually active men, gay and bisexual is even carry higher risk. The scariest fact is the higher risk of getting HIV through infected partner.

Another factor that makes men, gay or bisexual that having sexual relationship with  men have greater risk of getting STD is the rarely habit to use condom properly. Having anal sex is even producing higher level of risk. Any sexual contact that made start from oral, anal and vaginal is carrying the same risk. HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea usually spread through sexual fluid like semen. Hepatitis B can spread through blood.

Other type of sexually transmitted disease like syphilis, genital herpes and HPV will spreading through genital skin to skin contact. Unluckily, such contagious disease commonly occur without showing any symptom. The only way to discover whether you are infected or not is by having tested. Having herpes is even makes you carry higher risk of getting HIV. Based on this fact, CDC suggest sexually active gay and bisexual men to get tested routinely.

STD in Men, Gay and Bisexual Suggested Test from CDC

HIV test should be taken at least once per year. If you are having receptive anal sex during the past year then chlamydia and gonorrhea of the rectum test is needed. Chlamydia and gonorrhea of the penis test will be advised for those who have insertive anal sec in the past year. Test of gonorrhea of the throat will be needed for those who do the oral sex during the past year.

Most important of all is finding health care provider that make you feel comfortable so that you can openly discussed your sexual history. For the test, you can find various low cost or even free STD testing surround you. DO not worry about your data since the test will protect your confidentiality.

STD in Men, Gay and Bisexual Medication

Gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia commonly can be cured with medication. Just be sure that you finish the medication completely even though you are already feeling better. If possible, ask your partner to get test and treatment along with you. It is important since both of you are carrying the same risk of getting STD infection. Unluckily, HIV and herpes cannot be cured. Medication only can be helpful to manage the sexually transmitted disease symptoms.

STD in Men, Gay and Bisexual Protection Step

Get vaccinated

HPV, hepatitis A and B are common in gay and bisexual men. Based on this fact, CDC suggest to get vaccinated.

Practice safe sex

STD in Men, Gay and Bisexual ProtectionTake a routine test and getting vaccinated for sexually transmitted disease is crucial in order to decrease your risk of getting infected. Use condom in a correct way and only use it one time when you want to have sex.Do not mix sex and alcohol or drug. It is simply because it can make you forget to use condom for your own safety. Safe sex habit can help you to decrease your risk of getting common STD.

If you need to find more support when you are getting STD then you can try to take a look of some supporting link. Those link are CDC’s gay and bisexual men’s health page, Fenway health, the LGBT national help center and Those link provide you with sufficient information and support. Some of it is even linked to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services itself. In there, you will be able to widening your knowledge on STD in men, gay and bisexual.

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