STD in Men Complete Cause, Symptom and Treatment

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STD in Men Complete Cause, Symptom and Treatment

STD in Men Complete Cause, Symptom and Treatment

STD in Men Complete Cause, Symptom and TreatmentSTD in men  is also common just like in women. Unluckily, most men feel uncomfortable to discuss about it. In fact, STD can be transmitted during any kind of sexual activity. Commonly, STD will be cured with antibiotic even though some of it ted to persist and cannot be cured. Some STD can comes with clearly seen sign and symptom while others do not.

This is the reason why men possibly spread the infection without being aware of it. Men can reduce their risk of getting STD by absence of any sexual activity, using condom and practice safe sex. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, men around 5 up to 24 of age is in high risk of getting STD. Even gay, bisexual and men that have sex with men have bigger risk.

STD in Men Complete Cause

STD itself can be caused by viruses, bacteria and parasites. The common men STD consist of human papillomavirus, HIV, HSV, hepatitis B and C and HHV-8. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis is the sexually transmitted disease that caused by bacteria. Parasite is also caused STD such as trichomonas such as parasitic bugs like lice or scabies. Vector mosquito is causing Zika virus that transmited through sexual contact.

STD in Men Chlamydia Symptoms

Chlamydia as one of the most common sexually transmitted disease can affect both men and women. Unluckily, it is likely comes up without any symptom. However, the symptom usually occur some weeks after the infection. If you have chlamydia then you will have penis discharge with burning sensation during urination. Your testicle may also feel the pain. Do not forget to also count the rectal pain, discharge and bleeding in rectal area.

STD in Men Categories

STD in Men Complete Cause, Symptom and TreatmentGenerally, STD in men can be categorized into three. The first one is the STD that causing genital lesion such as sores or abnormalities in the genital organs. Second is sexually transmitted disease that causing inflammation in the urethra. The last one is well known as systemic STD that resulting symptom and sign throughout the body. Gonorrhea and syphilis that causing local lesion or urethritis can lead into other organs damage. Not only that, it may also spread into another part of your body without well treatment.

If you are having sexually transmitted disease that causing genital lesion then it will likely creating genital warts, ulcer and painful blister. If it is STD type that causing urethritis then the initial sign can be urinary tract infection such as burning sensation during urination and discharge from the urethra. You need to be more aware and expand your knowledge to find out completely about STD in men.

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