Side Effect of Chlamydia Toward Health

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Side Effect of Chlamydia Toward Health

Side Effect of Chlamydia Toward Health

Side Effect of Chlamydia Toward HealthSide effect of chlamydia possibly to happen if this disease is left untreated. Chlamydia itself is a kind of sexual transmitted disease that caused by chlamydia trichomatis bacteria. Commonly, chlamydia comes without any symptom. This is the reason why most patient do not aware of the infection until it is too late. Even though the cure is easy by taking some antibiotic but it can create serious side effect if left without proper treatment. To avoid any unwanted effect, you better discover more about side effect of this STD type.

Side effect of chlamydia in women

Recent study show that around 50 percent of chlamydia infection case that happen toward men and women do not showing any symptom. Even though it does not show any symptom but the complication is real. For women, the most dangerous effect of left untreated chlamydia are something dealing with fertility and pregnancy. Common cases that happen related with pregnancy are ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, premature delivery and low birth weight babies.

Side effect of chlamydia complication

Another complication that also becomes nightmare for women are infertility. Not only that, there are still series of health complication that may also happen if the chlamydia trachomatis bacteria infection stay left untreated properly. Pelvic inflammatory disease is the example of it. In fact, most of PID cases in women caused by chlamydia and gonorrhea. PID itself will happen only to women since men do not have any uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Infection in vaginal area will go through to cervix and uterus. Finally, it will get into fallopian tubes and abdomen.

Side Effect of Chlamydia Toward HealthSevere pain in abdominal area will create an abscess. To be more aware, you need to know the symptom of PID such as fever, body weakness, abdominal vaginal discharge and low abdominal pain. If you want to prevent it to happen then you can use the condoms to minimize the risk of getting bacterial infection. The treatment for PID itself will be highly depend on the infection level. Medication will be enough for mild damage while surgery will be required for more damage.

Ectopic pregnancy is another type of chlamydia long effect. Ectopic itself is a condition where the baby or embryo is positioned outside the uterus. Even in the US itself, 11.000 women diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy each year. Based on all of the fact above, you are urged to be more aware about chlamydia trichomatis infection attack. This so called ’silent disease’ is a real case and may lead into various long term effect if you do not aware. Be more aware about side effect of chlamydia.

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