Rectal Chlamydia Treatment both Medical and Natural

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Rectal Chlamydia Treatment both Medical and Natural

Rectal Chlamydia Treatment both Medical and Natural

Rectal Chlamydia Treatment both Medical and NaturalRectal chlamydia treatment may easily associate with the antibiotic prescription. It is a true fact since chlamydia infection actually easy to be cured. If you can recognize the infection earlier then you may only need to go to the doctor and get the proper antibiotic prescription. Usually, the treatment will go around 7 days. During the treatment, you will need to avoid sexual contact with your partner before the treatment is fully completed. Common suggested antibiotic type for rectal chlamydia is doxycycline and azithromycin.For azithromycin, it is usually advised to take a single dose of 1 g at the beginning of the treatment.

Rectal chlamydia treatment in natural ways

Whole beans and grain

Whole beans and grain are chosen since it is rich in fiber. In fact, fiber can be useful for rectal chlamydia recovery and treatment. That is why consuming those two type of foods is suggested in chlamydia diet.

Cat’s claw

Since a long time ago, cat’s claw is well known as the herbal medication of sexually transmitted disease in Chinese tradition. It is chosen because it has an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial intake. Moreover, it has the ability to increase the immune system. Simply consume 1 dosage of 500 milligrams around 4 up to 5 times per day to get its benefit.


With its antiseptic and anti-viral agent, usnea is useful as chlamydia treatment. The anti-bacterial level in usnea can help to kill the bacteria.

Sage tea

If you want to have a fast recovery then you can try to consume sage tea. It has anti-inflammation and boosts immune system. Simply prepare a handful of sage and crush it. Put the crushed sage in a boiling water. Let it be around 4 up to 5 minutes. Filter it so that there is only the liquid that is left without any sage left over. Drink it a couple times on daily basis for about 1 week. Do not ever mix the sage tea with mil or sugar to get the maximum result.


Antibacterial and antioxidant properties of garlic make it perfect for rectal chlamydia natural healing. Mix the raw garlic with salad or soup. Just try to remember that you need to take it in a raw form since cooked garlic will have reduced antibiotic properties. You are also can fresh juice blended it with honey or milk. Honey is better than milk since it has antibacterial properties. Garlic capsule is also great as an alternative to the fresh one.

Olive tree extract

Olive tree extract is chosen since it has oleuropein properties that used to fight the irritation and kill bacteria. Your immune system is also can be increased by taking it. There are a lot of choices of form starting from powder, liquid, capsules, sun-dried leaves with the same result. Apply it directly to the affected area by rubbing it with a gentle touch. Apply it to 2 up to 3 times per day for about 1 week.

Rectal Chlamydia Treatment both Medical and NaturalEchinacea

Echinacea is great to cure rectal chlamydia since it has anti-inflammatory and anti-micro bacterial properties. It will be helpful to kill pathogen and increase white blood cells which are responsible for immune system level. You better drink Echinacea without adding sugar or milk and drink it 3 up to 4 times to get rid of chlamydia infection. Keep consume it around 10 days to get complete cure.

Rectal Chlamydia Treatment by Changing Lifestyle

If you are sexually active then you will need to wear condom habitually. Even though it cannot give 100 percent of guarantee but at least it can minimize your risk to get chlamydia. It is even better if you can change your habit to have multiple partners and doing anal sex. Next, prevention step is taking the test routinely to check your condition. It is even better if your partner is also checked. A routine doctor visit is also encouraged to get best rectal chlamydia treatment.

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