Rectal Chlamydia Test

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Rectal Chlamydia Test Complete Fact Behind1

Rectal Chlamydia Test

Rectal Chlamydia Test Complete Fact BehindRectal chlamydia test information is not mentioned a lot as other types of chlamydia infection. In fact, this type of chlamydia happen in many cases. Similar to other chlamydia types, chlamydia in rectal is also need the test to make sure whether you have the infection or not. The test is different with the common chlamydia testing. You may have rectal chlamydia but it is not detected if you are taking the regular chlamydia testing. The most important thing is informing the doctor that you have anal sex to hold the test properly for you.

Rectal chlamydia test fact

This kind of test aimed to look for the pathogen that caused the disease and not put the point into your body response toward the infection. Usually, it will take a sample from a single location. First of all, tell the doctor that you have not safe anal sex so that they can do the test that will provide you an accurate result. The kind of test that commonly done is the anal Pap smear.They will swab the rectum area to take the sample and examine it in the laboratory to find certain bacteria that usually transmitted when someone is not practicing safe anal sex.

Rectal chlamydia true risk

Rectal Chlamydia Test Complete Fact Behind1Some of you may think that rectal chlamydia is only carrying a risk for gay men. In fact, even lesbian and heterosexual couple also carries the same risk. It is better for you to be clearly explained to your doctor about your unsafe anal habit so that they can arrange the test for you. Do not worry about the pain since it will only take sample in rectum area with the swab that is not larger than a q-tip. No painful at all.

Embarrassing feeling needs to be thrown away since your sincerity will be an important step to get proper test and treatment before any longer risk comes at you. Without proper treatment, you will never know that you are at high risk of getting other types of sexually transmitted disease. In fact, almost 40 % of rectal chlamydia patient has positive HIV result. As we know that HIV is a severe disease without any exact cure until now on. The key is being honest to get rectal chlamydia test.

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