Rectal Chlamydia Symptoms to be Aware

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Rectal Chlamydia Symptoms to be Aware

Rectal Chlamydia Symptoms to be AwareRectal chlamydia symptoms are not easy to see. It is simply because it commonly appears as asymptomatic one. Even though men and women have the same risk of getting this type of chlamydia but men are most likely attack by chlamydia infection in rectum area. For men who commonly have anal intercourse, the risk is doubled. Based on this reason, gay men need to do a routine rectal test as a part of health care at least an annual basis.

Rectal Chlamydia Symptoms and HIV

There are a lot of studies that find out the connection between rectal chlamydia and HIV. Most men who have chlamydia infection in their rectal part have a higher risk of getting HIV infection. In fact, chlamydia becomes one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. In the US itself, it gets the first rank. To prevent any long-term effect, gay men need to take the test.

Rectal Chlamydia Symptoms and Test Importance

Most of the gay men have a higher risk of getting rectal chlamydia than the urethral one. You need to be aware of the symptom that may show up. Early awareness will lead you to earlier treatment. Beware of any unusual discharge from a private genital area. If the discharge liquid is yellow, white, watery or even thicker then you may get infected. Burning sensation during bowel movement process is also noted as a symptom.

However, you may not feel any symptom at all and without any awareness spreading it to your partner. This is the basic reason why taking the test is important.

Rectal Chlamydia Symptoms is rectal area

Usually, chlamydia, whether it is a rectal or urethral infection, comes up without any symptom. If you are lucky, you may get the mild symptom. However, there are still some symptoms that usually appear during rectal chlamydia infection. Take a look at you rectal area. First of all, you need to beware if there is mucus in your stool. This unusual thing can be the beginning of rectal chlamydia. Next, unusual discharge with yellow, white and green fluid from your rectum. The last one is the itchy feeling or sore that appear in your anal area. It is an earlier rectal chlamydia symptoms.

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