Rectal Chlamydia Guidance

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Rectal Chlamydia Guidance

Rectal Chlamydia Guidance

Rectal Chlamydia GuidanceRectal chlamdyia  may not sound familiar like vaginal and oral chlamydia but it does not mean that it does not exist. For those who habitually have sexual intercourse in rectal passage then it can be a great hazard. When the bacteria attacking, you may have bleeding and pain in your arse or unusual discharge. In some cases, it is even showing no clues or symptom at all. Automatically, it will makes you difficult to recognize the infection of chlamydia bacteria presence.

Rectal chlamydia common symptom

Even though this type of chlamydia rarely showing any easily seen symptom but you are still possible to recognize it through several common symptom. If you have painful feeling or burning sensation during urination then you may get the infection. Another symptom is unusual discharge such as clear and white discharge from your penis. Sadly, most of rectal chlamydia cases showing asymptomatic condition. In fact, bacterial infection in rectal lining makes your tissue becomes susceptible to HIV infection. Many cases of HIV positive patient diagnose with rectal chlamydia in a year ahead.

Rectal chlamydia risk

Rectal Chlamydia GuidanceOne variant of severe rectal chlamydia is LGV. This LGV is more difficult to treat. If a standard chlamydia will be in a better condition after a single dose of antibiotic medication then LGV patient will need at least a week. Moreover, LGV is not shown in regular test swab so the doctor will held second test when you are diagnose with positive rectal chlamydia to make sure of this. LGV patient is also need a different type of antibiotic medication during their treatment. Not only LGV, eye inflammation and arthritis also can be other risk to face.

Rectal chlamydia test importance

HIV is a severe health hazard and having this disease seems to be the end of the world for most person. As preventive action of HIV, you better do some prevention. Do not forget to always use condom properly before doing any sexual activity. Be sure to choose the latex one since it can protect you more and less leakage or ripped. Doing regular sexual transmitted infection test every 3 month is also a great way to do. No matter the symptom that shown up, whether it is a mild or hard one then you need to do the test to avoid rectal chlamydia.

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