Oral Gonorrhea Symptom, the Fact

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Oral Gonorrhea Symptoms, Recognizing the Fact Completely

Oral gonorrhea symptom less appear.

That is why most of patient does not fully aware that they have this kind of transmitted disease infection. Even though the oral gonorrhea often comes without any symptom but most of patient will experience sore throat. Before going further to discuss about this disease, let us understand deeper about the term of oral sex itself. There is some misconception especially in young age couple that this kind of sexual connection can be categorized as safe sex.

This wrong mindset comes up from the point of view that it will decrease the possibility of having pregnancy. In fact, it cannot be considered as a safe one since you may still get infected with various sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes and others. In term, oral gonorrhea is also called as pharyngeal gonorrhea. The names derived from the definition that this infection attacking the pharynx with gram-negative coccal-shaped bacteria names Neisseria gonorrhea.

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Oral gonorrhea symptom incubation period

Once you get a direct contact with a white or yellowish pus-like fluid that contains Neisseria gonorrhea bacteria then you will get oral gonorrhea disease. The infection happens since the bacteria inflaming the local tissue. After that, this will be mixed up with vaginal fluid, seminal fluid or mucus membranes near the anus and rectum area. Unluckily, this kind of disease commonly comes up as asymptomatic use. Usually, the patient of oral gonorrhea will experience sore throat and discomfort when swallowing.

You will find redness strep throat and sometimes white spot or whitish and yellow discharge. According to the data, people who have oral contact with men genital will get higher percentage to infected with oral gonorrhea same as men who have sex with other men. Oral gonorrhea itself can be cured by the body itself around one up to three months. However, not all people can be able to cure by themselves. Those who cannot be cured by themselves will have disseminated gonorrhea or the disease spreading throughout the body.

Oral gonorrhea, does it possible to be transferred through kissing?

Patient of this disease often do not transmit the disease to other even though it may still possible to happen. Kissing itself cannot transmit the bacteria since it is not infecting the tongue or mouth. The infection transmission is only possible if the bacteria that contain inside the pharynx transmitted to other object by direct contact such as sex toys, finger or genital. Furthermore, the objects tough other body area such as eyes, genital and rectal.

Oral gonorrhea diagnose

normal vs oral gonorrhea condition

Doctor will diagnose by isolate the Neisseria gonorrhea bacteria from the throat and get a rapid throat swab. When the patient showing a positive result then they will get treated with some antibiotics such as ceftriaxone, 250mg IM plus a single dose of azithromycin, 1 g orally. Evaluation and treatment together with partner for about 60 days is also recommended for better treatment. Unluckily, some of bacteria strain resistant of some antibiotics then some heath practitioner will give one or more antibiotics to provide more effective result in dealing with oral gonorrhea symptom.  

Oral gonorrhea prevention

Condoms may provide some protection even though cannot provide 100 percent guarantee. If you are still not feel sure then contacting the doctor or sexual educator will provide you better advice and solution. In addition, oral gonorrhea is not attacking alone since it is commonly associate with other two pathogen called as chlamydia trachomatis that causing chlamydia and treponema pallidum that causing syphilis. Based on this fact, doctor usually provide antibiotic that is not only kill the Neisseria gonorrhea bacteria but the other two as well. It is the best prevention offer once the symptomless or appeared oral gonorrhea symptom.

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