Male Std Test Procedure

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Male Std Test Procedure

Male Std Test ProcedureMale Std Test Procedure

Male std test is important to do if you want to make sure whether you are having a sexually transmitted disease as you are suspected or not. The variation of the test itself will be vary based on the kind of sexually transmitted disease and the test type. There is also some procedure that is needed to be doing step by step. First of all, you will need to visit the doctor or health clinic to apply for the test. Series of a test will be continued to examine your condition and checking the possible symptom that may occur.

Male Std Test Physical Examination

The first test procedure is having a physical examination. Usually, a physician will ask us about our sexual history and practices. What kind of sexual practices that we have and the usage of condom. Later on, a doctor will also ask about whether we have some symptoms in the oral or genital area. Moreover, a doctor will observe man oral cavity, genital area, and rectum. This examination is needed to reveal how severe risk of getting the sexually transmitted disease and what type of disease that possibly attack. Not only does an examination, the doctor also uses the time to do education.

Male Std Test, Genital Swab Testing

Male Std Test ProcedureWhen there is founded any abnormalities in genital area or mouth then the further procedure will be needed. The abnormalities example are sores lesion or secrete penis and abnormal discharge.  The doctor will use the swab to take the sample from tissue and fluid from the lesion. The sample will be taken into the laboratory to seek the microorganism that may be causing sexually transmitted disease. Sometimes, the doctor may also stick the cotton swab in the urethra to get microorganism that may live there.

Male Std Test with Blood and Urine Sample

Unluckily, not all sexually transmitted disease can be easily detected through genital examination. Based on that fact, blood and urine test will be needed. The blood and urine test is perfect to examine viruses that cause systemic effects such as herpes and HIV. The urine test will be matched for syphilis even though is not suggested as standard Std test.

From those three type of test, you can consult with the doctor to find the matched male std test.

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