Male Gonorrhea Symptom, Test and Treatment

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Male Gonorrhea Symptom, Test and Treatment

Male Gonorrhea Symptom, Test and Treatment

Male Gonorrhea Symptom, Test and TreatmentMale gonorrhea symptom, test and treatment commonly have similarities with chlamydia. As one of well known easily to spread sexually transmitted disease, you need to know better about what is gonorrhea and the symptom that commonly appear to differentiate it with the other. Gonorrhea is a kind of infection that caused by bacteria. This infection will affect your mucous membrane as soft tissue that is not covered up with the outer layer of skin. As a sexual transmitted disease, gonorrhea can be transmitted through oral, vaginal and even oral sexual activity.

The bacterial infection will spread through vaginal fluids and semen even though is not depending on ejaculation. Your eyes, mouth, and throat may also be affected by gonorrhea. It is also can have recurrence episode even though you already get the treatment for gonorrhea before. However, a casual activity such as kissing, holding the hand, sharing food, hugging and sneezing will not make you infected with gonorrhea bacteria.

Male Gonorrhea Symptom, Test and Treatment on Risked One

You will need to be more aware if you are younger than 24 and having multiple sexual partners in one year. Your habit of doing unprotected sex is also contributing to your risk of getting gonorrhea. The risk even becomes greater when you are having sexually transmitted disease diagnose before. Unluckily, gonorrhea in men commonly not showing any clear symptom. Usually, the symptom will appear around 1 up to 2 weeks after having sexual activity with partner with gonorrhea

No matter you have the symptom or not, you will need to be aware and take a routine test. It is simply because no symptom at all still carry the risk of being infected and get a damage reproductive system. Here is the common symptom of male gonorrhea:

Unusual discharge:

You may have greenish, yellowish or white discharge around your penis tip.

Burning sensation on urinating process

The burning sensation when urinating is also called as dysuria.

Itchy and burning feeling on penis tip

Usually, the itchy and burning feeling will appear in the penial opening surrounding.

Swelling and pain in testicles area

Eye infection

Eyes discharge, conjunctivitis with itchy, red eyes and sensitivity to the light.

Unusual anus condition

Abnormal discharge, bleeding and rectal pain commonly appears in this phase.

Male Gonorrhea Symptom, Test and Treatment Type

Male Gonorrhea Symptom, Test and TreatmentGonorrhea commonly detects through several types of test such as urine and swab test in the man urethra. Not only in the urethral area, the swab test may also hold in the anus to detect potential infection.  Physical examination is also held for symptom evaluation and the possibility of other sexually transmitted disease occurrences.

Male Gonorrhea Symptom, Test and Treatment Phase

Usually, the doctor will suggest oral antibiotics. However, some patient may have antibiotic resistant. Based on the deeper examination, the doctor will decide what type of antibiotic that properly given. Commonly prescribed antibiotic are doxycycline, ceftriaxone, cefixime, and azithromycin or well known as Zithromax. After gonorrhea antibiotic treatment, gonorrhea infection will be clear in 1 up to 2 weeks. Be sure to finish your treatment even though you feel better before the treatment period is finished otherwise you can get a recurrence infection and become resistance to antibiotic.That is why you need to fully understand about male gonorrhea symptom, test and treatment.

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