Male Chlamydia and Erectile Dysfunction

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Male Chlamydia and Erectile Dysfunction

Male Chlamydia and Erectile Dysfunction

Male Chlamydia and Erectile DysfunctionMale chlamydia may not widely discuss chlamydia in women. In fact, chlamydia is a kind of sexually transmitted disease that possibly affect both men and women. Without proper treatment, this infection can lead to the various severe health problem. In men, chlamydia trachomatis can put you at a risk of erectile dysfunction. This condition is resulting from chlamydia infection that infecting man prostate and creating prostatitis.

Male Chlamydia Symptom

Unluckily, male chlamydia often comes without certain symptom appear. That is why most of the patient may have chlamydia infection for weeks before being aware that they have a chlamydia infection. During that weeks, a lot of serious health damage may occur and left untreated since low awareness of the patient. It is important to find out the basic cause to find most proper treatment.

Even though the symptom is commonly coming in asymptomatic but there are several early symptom that you better aware of it. Men usually have discharge from the end of the penis. Not only that, burning sensation when urinate and swelling in the testicle is also include an early symptom of male chlamydia. In women, abdominal pain and unusual vaginal discharge can be the warning signal beside bleeding between periods.

Male Chlamydia Long-Term Complication

Male chlamydia is also having a long-term complication just like what happen in women. If women have to face pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and infertility then men also have some severe cases too. Men with chlamydia without proper treatment may face infertility. Not only that, painful feeling in the tube which responsible to carry the sperm from testicle is also torturing for a long time.

Male Chlamydia Treatment and Erectile Dysfunction

Male Chlamydia and Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction is a condition when you cannot erectile during sexual intercourse. In chlamydia, the infection of Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria is infecting male prostate. The result from this is swelling prostate and blood flow restriction to the penis. Not only that, pain feeling in the testicle may make sexual intercourse become painful and unenjoyable. Of course, it will affect your sex life with your partner.

Male Chlamydia and Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

You can try to deal with erectile dysfunction by changing your lifestyle. Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption and certain medication such as blood pressure drug and antidepressant surely will help you. If you have difficulty in erecting then you better immediately seek for urologist help. Getting STD test is also helpful to deal with chlamydia infection.  Do not forget to always practice safe sex with your partner as prevention of male chlamydia.

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