HPV and Syphilis Complete Definition

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HPV and Syphilis Complete Definition

HPV and SyphilisHPV and Syphilis is one of most well known sexually transmitted disease. In the United States itself, there are around 14 million of new HPV cases that happen every year. In fact, around 79 million of American people is infected with HPV. Actually, this STD contains 130 strain of viruses which contain low risk and harmful viruses. The low risk may cause genital warts. However, the high risk can resulting cancer in anus, throat, and penis in men.

This kind of STD can spread through skin to skin contact especially vaginal, oral and anal sex with the person that already infected.Syphilis can be transmitted through vaginal, anal and oral sex. It is one of the severe STD since it has a close connection to HIV. This STD consist of several phases. Those are primary, secondary, latent and tertiary. Each of phase will carry its own symptoms.

HPV and Syphilis Symptoms

Even though this kind of STD categorized as mostly infected but less commonly showing any symptom. However, some men that infected may show some symptom such as genital warts and warts in the throat and mouth area. Genital wart is a kind of flat and flesh-colored, cluster of tiny bumps. Warts in mouth and throat area can be gained through oral sex with an infected person.

Syphilis symptom divides into two, the primary and secondary one. Primary symptom consists of the presence of small, firm and painless sore, especially in anus, penis or lips area. There will be also the swollen lymph nodes near the sore area. The secondary symptom is tiredness, headache, sore throat and skin rash without itchy feeling. Without proper treatment, the untreated symptom may lead to series damage of the joint, heart, nervous system and other body parts.

HPV and Syphilis Prevention

HPV and SyphilisIf other kinds of STD will need safe sex or condom as prevention, this type of HPV can be prevented in a different way. You can prevent HPV with vaccines. Until now on, there is two kind of vaccines that approved by FDA. Those are Gardasil and Cervarix which is effective to prevent HPV type 16 and 18. Those two type of HPV is the one that mostly causing cervical cancer. The new version of Gardasil which is called as Gardasil 9 use to replace the old version one. The best way is by doing safe sex and avoiding have multiple partners for HPV and Syphilis Prevention

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