How does Chlamydia Spread Complete Explanation

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How does Chlamydia Spread Complete Explanation

How does chlamydia spread
How does chlamydia spread

How does chlamydia spread may already known by most of us. It is because of the chlamydia trachomatis bacteria infection. However, the exact transmission needed to be acknowledged more. Chlamydia itself usually transmitted through sexual contact with the vagina, penis, anus and even mouth of the infected partner. Do not get wrong, the bacterial transmission do not always need ejaculation process to happen. It is even possible to happen toward baby from untreated mother during childbirth process and resulting conjunctivitis and pneumonia.

In fact, chlamydia is not only attacking you once in a lifetime. Even though you are already get treated but there is always possibility to get infected again if you have sexual contact with infected person. You get higher risk if you are having unprotected sex habit since the bacteria infection can spread through vaginal, oral and even anal sex. Not only that, any other part of body that moistened with infected secretion such as eye and hand can be dangerous for you.

How does chlamydia spread common miss understanding

How does chlamydia spread  commonly get misunderstood by some people. The myth of getting infected through kissing, use the same toilet seats or even sharing clothes commonly frightened us. Not only that, using swimming pools, bed linens, bath tubs, hot tubs and using same silverware commonly include to the myth.  About oral sex, it is still possible even though the possibility is rare to happen since most of the infection happen during vaginal and anal sexual intercourse with an infected person.

Your risk of getting infection spreading is getting higher when you are tend to have unprotected sex. When your mucous membrane or soft skin that covering all of body opening get contacted with mucous membrane secretion or semen of the infected person.  The chlamydia trachomatis bacteria is also possible to spread when your penis or tongue does not go all the way into your vagina or anus. When vagina, anus, cervix, penis or mouth get contacted with infected fluid or secretion then bacteria infection is possible to be transferred.

How does chlamydia spread
chlamydia spread

Eye infection also can happen if the infected discharge carried to the eye during sexual intercourse or hand to eye contact. That is why the infection is also possible to affect your eye health condition. Chlamydia is not only happen into adult but also possible to happen into children. Most of the possibility of getting infected is because of having untreated mother with chlamydia infection. Beside that, children with chlamydia infection is possible because of getting sexually abuse.

Chlamydia spreading treatment and test importance

When you are getting infected, you need to seek doctor help immediately. However, you are not the only one who need help. Your partner also need to get the same test and treatment. That is why it is important to be open up with your sexual partner. Having tested an treated together is important since it is the only way to get cured from chlamydia infection completely. However, you need to get retested three month after getting treatment to minimize the possibility of getting reinfected again. Hopefully, the detail explanation above can help you to answer the whole question about how does chlamydia spread.

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