Home Remedies for Chlamydia List Part 1

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Home Remedies for Chlamydia List Part 1

Home Remedies for Chlamydia List Part 1

Home Remedies for Chlamydia List Part 1Home remedies for chlamydia can be another option for you who want to continue your medication after antibiotic usage. In fact, doctor usually prescribed antibiotic to prevent infection and minimize the spreading possibility. Usually, this disease can be fully healed after 1 or 2 weeks of treatment. Unluckily, it can not last longer since taking antibiotic for long time can affect your health. Only severe patient that needs to be taken to hospital to get intravenous antibiotic and intensive care. If you want to speed up your healing process then you can use antibiotics along with natural remedy.

Here are several type of herbal remedies that you may take:


The first type of natural remedy that works is garlic. It is possible since gralic is rich of antibiotic, antibacterial and antiviral. That is why it is possible to heal chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. Just eat 2 cloves of garlic each day  or add some raw garlic on your food. Be sure to take the raw one since cooked garlic can lost its nutrient percentage.

Garlic juica or garlic capsule can be another option. However, you cannot add any sugar or honey in your juice since it may only make your chlamydia infection get worse. It is simply because sugar and honey will raise insulin level drastically. Just try to remember to consult first before taking any garlic capsule so that you can find the proper dosage to take. Herbal remedies like garlic capsule can be find in health stores.

Home remedies for chlamydia from olive tree

Olive tree extract

Another choice on herbal remedies of chlamydia is olive tree extract. It can be consume in a form of powder, leaf or a salve. It can help to increase immune system level. Automatically, it will be effective enough to prevent any infection to occur again and also reduce the spreading. Olive tree extract contain oleuropein that kill the bacteria when it is applied topically. Just be sure to wait several minutes before rinse it with warm water.

Home Remedies for Chlamydia List Part 1Home remedies for chlamydia from echinacea


Echinacea consist of antiviral and antibacterial effect.  With its anti inflammation properties, it can help you to cleanse the bacteria inside your body. Bby consuming it, you can increase your immune system level. Echinacea powder can be find easily in health store and ayurvedic store. Drink Echinacea as tea is also great option. Just be sure to add no sugar in it. Usually, patient with chlamydia can be completely heal after 10 days. The intage dosage pf echinacea tea is taking it twice in a day while echinace powder will need to be consulted again with your herbalist before taking this herbal remedies for chlamydia.

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