Herbal Remedies for Chlamydia Top 4 List

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Herbal Remedies for Chlamydia Top 4 List

Herbal Remedies for Chlamydia Top 4 List

Herbal Remedies for Chlamydia Top 4 ListHerbal remedies for chlamydia is one effective alternative beside taking antibiotic medication which is commonly suggested by doctor. Of course, you cannot directly consume it without taking a prior consultation with the doctor to avoid unwanted side effect. Herbal remedy can boost the healing process since it can improve immune system level. Moreover, you need to stop from having any sexual activity during the treatment to gain best result. Here are the best 4 herbal remedy that you can try to consume:

Herbal remedies for chlamydia from tree extract

Olive tree extract

Olive tree extract can be rubbed on the infected location or simply taken orally. It is useful to fight chlamydia trachomatis bacteria since it contain oleuropein. Oleuropein itself is a properties that effective enough to eliminate bacteria and reduce inflammation. By using it, your immune system level will be increased. This type of herbal remedies for chlamydia can be taken in several form such as powder, capsule, liquid concentrate and dried leaf.

Raw garlic

As the second on the list, raw garlic also has important properties to fight chlamydia. Try to consume it in every meal to fight bacteria and eliminate the infection. However, you need to consult with your doctor since it may causing blood clotting for diabetics. Besides that, your breath and body odor may get worse. Other type of possible side effect are vomiting, diarrhea and nausea.

Herbal remedies for chlamydia from leaves

Herbal Remedies for Chlamydia Top 4 ListSage leaves

Simply take sage leaves, take around 50 mgs and boil it in 250 ml of water. You may also store the mixture so that you can drink it 3 times in a week to help you fight chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. This type of herbal remedies for chlamydia is proven to safe applied since it has no noticeable side effects.


When you infected with chlamydia trachomatis bacteria, the microba will infect your body immune system. Curd can help you to increase your immune system level and get healed faster. Try to consume a homemade and unsweetened curd. If you are not able to consume it naturally then you can take a low fat yoghurt as alternatives.

Once you are diagnosed with chlamydia, you will need to inform your partner so that they are also can be tested. Stop any sexual activity is the best choice to get fully healed. Get your partner tested and treated to reduce the possibility of getting infected again. Get test again in 3 up to 4 month to make sure that you are really free from any infection. Chlamydia can be passed through all form of sexual activity whether it is oral, vaginal or anal. Use condom is another effective prevention beside taking herbal remedies for chlamydia.

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