Gonorrhea Treatment, Complete Overview

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Gonorrhea Treatment, Complete Overview

Gonorrhea Treatment, Complete Overview

Gonorrhea Treatment, Complete OverviewGonorrhea treatment can be efficiently worked successfully if you can get the treatment earlier. It means that you need to be cautious of the sign and symptom so that you can seek an immediate help. Proper earlier treatment will avoid the long-term problem that may lead to various complication. Similar to other sexually transmitted diseases, gonorrhea symptom usually comes in as a mild symptom. This is the reason why many patients do not recognize that they have been infected.

Gonorrhea Treatment, the Initial Step

Early treatment for gonorrhea patient commonly used the antibiotic. This type of treatment will be suggested for those who already have a positive result for gonorrhea test. Antibiotic is also prescribed for people who had sexual contact with someone who has diagnosed as gonorrhea patient in the past 60 days. It is applied no matter whether they have the symptom or not, wear condom or not. A newborn baby also needs this especially if they are born from the mother that has gonorrhea during the delivery process.

Be sure that you are taking the antibiotic medication as it prescribed otherwise you will not get cured. Another thing that is also important to remember is abstaining from any sexual contact with anybody when you are on treatment. It is also suggested to have your partner get the gonorrhea test and treatment together to avoid getting infected again. For a single dose prescription, at least you need to wait for about 7 days after taking the dose before having sexual contact again. Using condom can also be your additional protection.

Gonorrhea Treatment, Continuous Step

Gonorrhea Treatment, Complete OverviewInitial treatment does not always gain success. If it does not work as you wish, you can continue to the next step of treatment. The unsuccessful of the treatment itself can be caused by several factors such as treatment failure or another gonorrhea infection. In fact, some bacteria are resistant to antibiotics such as penicillin, tetracycline, sulfa drugs, and quinolones. If you are not getting better after taking the antibiotic then you may need to take another gonorrhea culture test. After that, you will need to take another type of antibiotic for gonorrhea treatment.

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