Gonorrhea Test Kit Best Recommendation Part 2

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Gonorrhea Test Kit Best Recommendation2

Gonorrhea Test Kit Best Recommendation Part 2

Gonorrhea Test Kit Best Recommendation2myLAB

another choice of home test kit for gonorrhea is the product that offered from myLAB. Usually, this product will be sold around $79 for gonorrhea. The same price will also offer for the chlamydia test. HIV will cost you around $73 while higher cost will be offered when you need more test kit for the higher section. The 8-panel test kit will offer gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV around $499. To order, you can directly visit their website at having it free shipped to your home.

Another way to obtain this product test kit is by ordering it through a various site such as Amazon.com.The test is quite simple since it will only need around 5 minutes to complete. When you are finished to take the sample, mailed it to a local lab and the result will be received in up from 2 to 5 of a business day. Do not worry about this product test accuracy result since it is offering you around 98 up to 99 % of accuracy level.

Gonorrhea Test Kit Affordable Option


The next affordable option for gonorrhea home test kit is the one that offered by privateDNA. You can purchase it by spending around $79. However, this product is also offering full premium screening that can help you to check various STD such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis, and trichomoniasis. You can get this premium services by spending $250. The basic test screening for common infection such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis will be bundling in $150. Gonorrhea will need to take your urine sample. The result itself will be handling to you around 2 up to 7 days. Just order it online and get the free shipping to anywhere in U.S area. It has FDA approval, conducted in CLIA certification, CAP accreditation, and HIPAA-compliant laboratory.


Gonorrhea Test Kit Best Recommendation Part 2It is offering the combination of chlamydia and gonorrhea test for $90 and complete test for syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HSV, hepatitis B and C for $199. The test kit will be completed with free shipping to the local lab that you choose to examine the sample of your urine or blood. You can gain the result around 3 or even less than that.

Those are described above are the common and accurate test kit that you can simply order online to check whether you have gonorrhea or not. However, you still need to see a doctor if you think that you already get the symptom. In fact, left untreated sexually transmitted disease can put you at a higher risk of health complication. Once you get the symptom, you better visit the doctor to get proper treatment along with your partner. At least, you can do the first effective prevention by using gonorrhea test kit.

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