Gonorrhea Test Kit Best Recommendation Part 1

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Gonorrhea Test Kit Best Recommendation Part 1

Gonorrhea Test Kit Best Recommendation Part 1

Gonorrhea Test Kit Best Recommendation Part 1
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Gonorrhea test kit is a perfect start as your way to prevent gonorrhea infection. It is urgently needed once you suspect that you already infected with the sexually transmitted disease. In fact, some people may feel discomfort when they have to consult to the doctor about their possibility of getting a sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea. At least, having gonorrhea test kit can offer you comfort feeling so that you can do your own checking at home. Actually, it is not only important for those who suspect that they have contacted with gonorrhea but also for those who want to prevent it.

Most of the sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea often comes without any clear symptom. Based on that, you have to do prevention such as using gonorrhea test kit to make sure whether you are clearly free from any sexually transmitted disease including gonorrhea. It is much more important to prevent at first rather than waiting until you can find the symptom because it may too late.

Gonorrhea Test Kit Starting Point

Most of you may already think to use gonorrhea test kit but just do not know how to start. At least, you need to find the information on the available test kit, where to buy, the usage and also the cost range. If that is what you are worried about then the rest of this article will help you much. However, if you are already having any symptom then you better visit the doctor to get proper treatment since using test kit will only be a waste of your time and money. It is simply because treating STD is better to do in an earlier period since there is no potential permanent damage to your health.

Gonorrhea Test Kit Product Recommendation

Everly Well

Gonorrhea Test Kit Best RecommendationIf you are looking for a simple gonorrhea test kit at home with a highly accurate level then this product can be one of your choices. The accuracy level is around 99%. For the female, this home test kit will require a blood spot sample that using a finger-prick lancet. In males, a blood spot sample and urine sample will commonly need to be taken. When you already take the sample, send it to one of the CLIA certified lab partners.

The result itself will be received by you within 5 business days from the beginning days when the lab get the sample. Everly well also offering more accurate results at a more expensive price. Usually, it will be more expensive even though it is covered up with some insurance plans. Usually, male and female comprehensive kits sold in $ 39 with coverage from HAS and FSA account. Do not worry about the shipping cost, it is offering free shipping as long as you are still in the U.S. area to send gonorrhea test kit.

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