Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men and Women

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Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men and Women

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men and Women

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men and WomenGonorrhea symptoms is not that easy to see. It is simply because this type of sexually transmitted disease commonly appeared without any clear symptom especially for women. However, there is still some common symptom to be aware. For the incubation itself usually will start from the time of bacteria attack around 2 up to 5 days. Sometimes, it even does not appear until 30 days. Unluckily, gonorrhea may not show certain symptom until it is spreading into other areas of the body.

Gonorrhea symptoms in men

The symptom of gonorrhea is easily seen in men. It makes men get easy to get medical help before severe effect may happen. However, some men may only have a mild symptom or even do not have it at all. Based on this, they can spread the infection toward their partner before knowing it. Basically, there are several symptoms that commonly occur when a man get gonorrhea.

Those symptoms are unusual discharge from penis such as clear, milky, yellowish, creamy, excessive or even blood-tinged. Other symptoms are urethritis or painful and frequent urination, itchy and bleeding in the anal area. Besides that, a sore throat is also happening even though only appear as a rare case. Conjunctivitis or pink eye is the next common symptom to happen.

Gonorrhea symptoms in women

Most of the women with gonorrhea do not recognize that they have gonorrhea because of the mild symptom. Majority of them do not recognize or even misunderstand it with bladder or vaginal infection. Usually, they will feel some painful urination, itchy, bleeding and discharge in the anal area. Do not forget to also include unusual vaginal discharge and bleeding during intercourse or between period times.

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men and WomenThe list of symptom is not finished yet until you count fever and lower abdominal pain. The symptom of gonorrhea in women is longer than men. You can name a swollen and painful feeling in the opening of the vagina. However, there are some sign and symptom that similarly found in men gonorrhea. Those similar symptoms are pink eye or conjunctivitis. Another similarity is sore in the throat area.

Gonorrhea and other Specific Symptom

When gonorrhea infection getting spread into another part of the body, a disease called as disseminated gonococcal infection or DGI is occurred. It happens when the infection of gonorrhea spread to the joints, heart, skin, and blood. You will experience rash, joint pain, and inflamed tendon when DGI happen.

The most crucial time is the beginning of infection. If you can recognize the disease when initial infection happens then you can get proper treatment at the right time. Automatically, you need to be aware of common gonorrhea symptoms.

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