Gonorrhea in Throat, Silent Killer

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Gonorrhea in Throat, Silent Killer

Gonorrhea in Throat, Silent KillerGonorrhea in throat may not as popular as gonorrhea in genital area. However, this kind of disease is also deadly if left untreated properly. In fact, there are billions of bacteria inside human throat. Most of the bacteria caused no threat toward human health. However, one species of bacteria become more common and benign. It is called as Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea itself become an epidemic since it is drug-resistant.



Gonorrhea in throat, spreading epidemic

The epidemic of throat gonorrhea itself already arise for years and reported to happen in more than 50 countries all over the world. The data find out that epidemic is spreading wider because of certain mode of transmission called oral sex. This case possible to happen when someone who has gonorrhea in the throat infect their partner through oral sex. It is even called as silent killer since this type of disease is so hard to detect and treat.

The threat of gonorrhea epidemic stay strong since there is no proven antibiotic to handle it. Until now on, this kind of disease still drug resistant. This disease is even becoming resistant with any kind of standard treatment for bacteria attack. Here is the scheme, when human body exposed with antibiotics for ear infection, sore throat and other illness then the bacteria that live in throat naturally will be exposed. When time goes by, this bacteria will resistance to the drugs.

This process is harmless until dangerous bacteria formed. When plasmid or small circular DNA molecules with bacterium genetic material formed separated from chromosomes. This plasmid can be transferred easily from one bacterial species to another which is close by. If the plasmid contain drug resistant gene then the gonorrhea bacteria will acquire this capacity. Data showed that around 30 % of gonorrhea infection will have ability to resistant with at least one drug.

Gonorrhea in throat data infection

Each year, gonorrhea infecting around 78 million of people around the world. The number still arise nowadays. This may causing by the decreasing of condom usage and low detection rate level. The drug resistant of gonorrhea bacteria is noted in China, India, Indonesia, United States, Canada and some parts of South America. Gonorrhea in throat becomes harder to detect since swabs test often do not gain enough sample of bacteria.

Even when this type of gonorrhea successfully detected but still difficult to be threat. Antibiotic as common bacterial infection remedy usually delivered through the bloodstream. This treatment method become inefficient since there is only few blood vessel in the throat. It makes the antibiotic treatment cannot be maximum absorbed to cure the disease.

Gonorrhea in throat effect

Gonorrhea in Throat, Silent KillerIf gonorrhea untreated properly then it may spread into genital area. When it reach genital area then it will create such problem in men which is called as testicular and pelvic pain. It will causing more harm toward women since it can lead into pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and even infertility. What makes it become silent killer is the ability of bacteria to adapt quickly. Nowadays, the common medication will be an injection of extended spectrum of cephalosporin that paired with oral azithromycin.

The phenomena of resistant throat gonorrhea toward antibiotic and treatment called as super gonorrhea. Until now on, super gonorrhea case reported to also happen in Japan, Spain and France. It may cured but need some out of standard medication to give. Unluckily, when you are taking this treatment method then you will have to make your own measurement of the dose. On the contrary, you may also build the bacteria resistance to it when you are giving it up to treat gonorrhea in throat.

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