Gonorrhea in Throat, Mouth, Eyes, FAQ

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Gonorrhea in Throat, Mouth, Eyes, FAQ

Gonorrhea in Throat, Mouth, Eyes, FAQGonorrhea in throat, mouth, eyes often called as oral gonorrhea. Gonorrhea in general itself mean as a sexually transmitted disease that resulting from bacterial infection through oral, anal or vaginal sex with people who has gonorrhea. The bacteria that caused this type of STD is bacteria Neisseria gonorrhea. Bacteria aimed for mucous membranes which are moist, soft tissue that is not covered by outer layer of skin.

As STD, Gonorrhea is one of the most likely to spread beside Chlamydia. However, there are still a lot of question regarding gonorrhea that commonly asked by people around the world. In this article, we are going to discuss and provide detail answer to make people easier in understanding the term of gonorrhea. The frequently asked questions are as follow:

Gonorrhea in throat, mouth, eyes, can you get it from kissing?

Generally, the bacteria gonorrhea spread through semen and vaginal fluid. However, the transmission is not depends on the ejaculation. Based on this fact, having oral sex with someone infected throat and mouth will result gonorrhea infection. In addition, anyone can get gonorrhea even though they have been getting diagnose or treated with Gonorrhea before. Women that is pregnant also possible to pass Gonorrhea infection to their baby during giving birth process.

Baby that delivered from mother with gonorrhea infection can suffer from joint, eye and blood infection. The most common case in baby is eye infection that called as gonococcal conjunctivitis. Usually, this type of disease will around 2 up to 4 days after birth. Infant with this kind of gonorrhea will showing several symptom such as pus, redness and swelling eye.

Many misconception that spread is the possibility of gonorrhea transmission through casual contact such as hugging, sneezing, holding hand, sharing food and even sharing toilet. In fact, that is all not true. Eye infection from bacteria gonorrhea is possible by touching the eyes or having infected semen or vaginal fluid on the hands. If you have multiple partners in one year or having unprotected sex then your risk will be doubled.

Gonorrhea in throat, mouth, eyes, recognizing the common symptom

The difficult thing about gonorrhea is this disease often showing no symptom. Gonorrhea can appear in one or two weeks after having sex with partner that infected with gonorrhea without any clue of it. No symptom appeared but still possible to infect us with the disease that possible to damage our reproductive system. However, most patient with this STD disease will experience abnormal discharge and burning sensation while urinate. Symptom of gonorrhea in throat, mouth and eyes is different. Here are several common symptom:

  • Painful, swollen and burning gland in throat

This kind of symptom is the sign of infection of bacteria gonorrhea from oral sex activity.

  • Conjunctivitis

Patient will likely have an itchy and red eye when infected. Besides that, they may also have pus and sensitivity to the light.

  • Sore throat or difficulty in swallowing

Gonorrhea in throat, mouth, eyes, the perfect treatment

The best way to treat gonorrhea that infecting throat, mouth and eyes is by providing oral antibiotic. However, some ‘super gonorrhea’ case is happen. This is the case when bacteria getting antibiotic resistant. Commonly recommended antibiotics are cefixime, ceftriaxone, doxycycline and azithromycin. Generally, the infection will be cleared around 1 up to 2 weeks. The most important thing is never stop taking the antibiotics until the treatment period as recommended is over.

Once you stop taking the antibiotic even though the treatment period is not over yet then you are possibly attacking back by the infection. Next time when infection reoccurred, the bacteria will be resistant with the antibiotic.  If this resistance case is happening then you better seeing the doctor to get other type of antibiotic or medication. Commonly, type of medication will be prescribed based on patient age, medical history and health condition.

Is oral gonorrhea curable?

The answer is definitely yes as long as you taking the medication as advised. However, you need to take the test around three months after completing the treatment to prevent re occurrence infection. One more important thing to remember is avoiding any sexual activity until the treatment is complete.

Gonorrhea in Throat, Mouth, Eyes, FAQGonorrhea in throat, mouth, eyes, the possible complication

If gonorrhea is left untreated then it may lead into severe health problem. For women, left untreated gonorrhea means the risk of getting spreading infection up to the uterus and fallopian tubes. In fact, fallopian tubes is connecting ovaries to the uterus. Not only that, fallopian tube is also the one that responsible for transporting the fertilized eggs during pregnancy. Risk of having pelvic inflammatory disease, permanent damage of reproductive system, infertility, ectopic pregnancy and premature birth is also high.

In men, if gonorrhea left untreated then fever and pain in penis area may happen. Besides that, infertility is also the common risk. Other serious health hazards that may experience are epididymitis, testicle infection, proctitis, rectum inflammation and prostate gland infection. DGI or disseminated gonococcal infection is the one that commonly resulting joint pain, skin rashes, skin sore and fever.

When is the perfect time to see the doctor?

Practically, you should contact doctor when you are experiencing unusual discharge, burning sensation while urinating, pain while having sex after having sexual activity with suspected sexually transmitted disease patient. However, the warning symptom can appear in many signs such as vomiting, fainting or higher temperature than 101 F. immediately seek doctor help when you are having those symptom since those are the possible sign of PID. The point is always beware of the symptom and take routine test to prevent left untreated Gonorrhea in throat, mouth, eyes.

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