Do Condoms Prevent Chlamydia Completely

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Do Condoms Prevent Chlamydia Completely

Do Condoms Prevent Chlamydia Completely

Do Condoms Prevent Chlamydia CompletelyDo condoms prevent chlamydia  may become the most common question that appear when dealing chlamydia. In fact, if you use condom in your sexual intercourse consistently and correctly then you may decrease your risk to get infected by sexually transmitted disease. Even though it may help you to reduce the risk but it does not mean that you can completely protected from any type of sexual transmitted disease. Best way to avoid the infection of STD is by staying away from sexual activity.

Another way is choosing to have monogamous relationship with an uninfected one in a long time period. Your sexual activity habit that having multiple partner or unprotected is the primary reason why you are easily get infected by STD such as chlamydia. Unluckily, most of chlamydia patient do not realize that they are already infected since it is commonly comes without any symptom. It makes us hard to find out whether we are having chlamydia trachomatis bacteria or not.

Do Condoms Prevent Chlamydia? The Condom Type

So, if there is someone asking you about do condoms prevent chlamydia then the answer is yes as long as you use it correctly and continuously. Just be sure that you are using the latex one. Latex is stronger to bring barrier if dealing with sexually transmitted disease bacteria. Some studies even found out that latex condoms is effective enough even if dealing with smallest bacteria. However, it cannot provide you 100 percent guarantee that you will not get infected at all.

Do Condoms Prevent Chlamydia CompletelyMale condoms can not covering up the whole infected areas that commonly easy to get infected. Even so, this kind of condoms can give you great protection that spread through genital fluids such as chlamydia. Unluckily, it will not bring  the same function when dealing with STD that spread through skin to skin contact or another area that can not be protected with condoms. Try to use it in a right way is the best application. Most common condom failure is not from the product failure itself but wrong way to use it.

Do condoms prevent chlamydia? It is really can help you to reduce the risk as long as you use it correctly. Any king of incorrect usage will eliminate its function to protect your genital area. The common condoms failure resulting slippage, breakage and leakage. The right way to use it is by use a new condom in any type of sexual activity including vaginal, oral and anal. Before doing any genital contact, you better put the condom on the tip of erected penis with rolled side out.

Do Condoms Prevent Chlamydia? The Proper Usage

Condom without reservoir tip will not cause you any problem since you can pinch the tip. Simply leave a half inch for semen to collect. Hold the tip and then unroll the condom to the base of erected penis. When ejaculation finish, grip the rim of condom and withdraw it carefully before the penis get soft.Pull the condom off the penis carefully and avoid the semen to spill out. If you think that the condom break during sexual activity then you better stop the activity and withdraw. Remove the broken with a new one.

When you are using lubricant, it is better to choose water base lubricant. Do not use oil based lubricant that made from mineral oil, message oil, body lotion, cooking oil and shortening since it may make condom get weaken. Latex condom can be weaker by the presence of oil based lubricant. Automatically, it will be easily to get break when it is weaker. Based on all the detail above then you can completely understand without questioning anymore do condoms prevent chlamydia.

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