Chlamydia Urethritis in Men Explanation

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Chlamydia Urethritis in Men Explanation

ChlamydiaChlamydia urethritis in men urethritis in men is a kind of chlamydia infection in men especially urethra area. Urethra itself is part of the body that carry urine from bladder through penis and outside of your body. When chlamydia infection attack men urethra then it will get swollen and inflammation. Not only that, the infection is also followed by penile discharge. Unluckily, men often do not have any appeared symptom. Based on that, you better get routine test.

Chlamydia urethritis in men causes

Chlamydial urethritis spreading through oral, anal and vaginal sex. In fact, this type of sexually transmitted disease massively happen in United States especially the adult and young adult. The risk of getting men chlamydia urethritis will get bigger if you have unhealthy sexual habit or having multiple partner. That is why you better have a healthy sexual habit and monogamous sexual relationship.

Chlamydia urethritis in men symptom

Some men do not show any chlamydial urethritis symptom. Some of it showing symptom after getting exposed with bacterial infection around several weeks. Usually, the symptom will appear in 1 up to 3 week after getting exposed chlamydia bacteria.  Based on that, you better start to aware if you have burning or painful sensation during urinate.

Your urethra may also get affected.There will be differencess on your urethra opening. It may be itchy, red and swollen. The discharge of penis is becoming beige. However, some patient may do not a beige discharge but a yellowish one. Not only urethra, your testicle may get a liitle bit different. The testicle get swollen and painful.

Chlamydia urethritis in men, urethral condition

Chlamydia urethritis in menWhen you are getting infected by chlamydia urethritis then your urethra will experience an inflammation. During inflammation, it is getting more difficult to urinate. It will be painful and discomfort in your penis area. Usually, the dicomfort will happen in the tip of penis where your urethra ends. You need to recognize and make sure whether you have chlamydia or not to get proper early treatment.

Your awareness need to be excalated since the symptom of urethral chlamydia in men pretty similar with gonorrhea. The time of infection of chlamydia and gonorrhea is also often occur at the same time. Based on this fact, anyone that infected with urethral chlamydia is also treated with gonorrhea to prevent further effect. Sexually transmitted disease will be a perfect start for you to examine, getting trusted result before taking any treatment for chlamydia urethritis in men.

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