Chlamydia Treatment Proper Step

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Chlamydia Treatment Proper Step

Chlamydia Treatment Proper Step

Chlamydia Treatment Proper StepChlamydia treatment only need a simple medication. The problem is this disease usually comes up without any easy sign to observe. Moreover, you will not be free even though you are already get infected once. You may get reinfected again. The best way is get the treatment together along with your partner to make sure there is no further sexual or health problem. Usually, there are two type of antibiotic medicine that prescribed. The common treatment given by health practitioner are azithromycin and doxycycline. Azithromycin and doxycyxline will need to be take in a single dose 2 times a day during 7 days.

Chlamydia treatment through medication

Another thing you need to remember is keep continue the medication as prescribed even though you feel better. In many cases, people with chlamydia will stop to take their medication once they feel their condition is getting better. They do not realize that the infection may strike back. It is possible since the bacteria that infected your body still stay inside your body. Without full and proper medication, your effort to get healed will only lead in vain. That is why it is better to finish all the medication as prescribed.

Chlamydia treatment unfinished effect

Chlamydia Treatment Proper StepWithout any proper chlamydia treatment, men with chlamydia may get tube that connect testicles to urethra of penis get infected. This condition in medical world is commonly known as epididymitis. Women is also have high risk of health and reproduction complication untill infertility. That is why, chlamydia is well known as silent disease since it may attack silently and resulting a serious attack when the condition of patient already severe. The symptom is also seem unknowingly. It makes this disease include into the top list of common STD in US itself.

Severe infected patient will need hospitalization treatment with intravenous antibiotics and pain medicine. Pregnant women also require antibiotics. Of course, you will be given a safe one for your pregnancy. However, some side effects such as diarrhea, nausea and upset stomach are also possible to occur. Be sure that your partner is also take the medication. It is important to get the medication together even though your partner do not showing any sign that needs chlamydia treatment. This will help you to prevent any recurrence infection. After taking antibiotics, you will need to take a rest from sexual intercourse for about 3 months to be really cured through chlamydia treatment.