Chlamydia Transmission Oral Explanation

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Chlamydia Transmission Oral Explanation

Chlamydia Transmission Oral Explanation

Chlamydia Transmission Oral ExplanationChlamydia transmission oral is possible since there are many sexual transmitted disease that spreading through oral sex. Forget your old thinking that chlamydia trachomatis will only attack you during vaginal contact. Even oral and anal sexual activity can bring you the chlamydia trachomatis infection risk. However, there is always a way to prevent the infection of sexual transmission disease including chlamydia through oral sex. Simply use condom or dental dam to add protection.

Some people may think that oral sex will eliminate or even decrease the risk of getting infected with sexual transmitted disease. It may have lower risk of getting infected of STD including chlamydia but it does not mean that you will not get infected at all. Before providing any further detail, it is better to understand completely about what is oral sex at first. Oral sex itself is sexual activity that involving mouth, lips or even tongue to stimulate penis, vagina and anus.

Chlamydia Transmission Oral Fact

In fact, chlamydia transmission oral do exist since most adult do oral sex. This fact may already known by a lot of people. The thing that not all of us realize is that STD infection may spread and stay in mouth, rectum or throat. Your risk of getting infected by STD through oral sex will heavily depending on type of STD itself, your sexual activity habit, sex partner sexual activity beside you and specific act of sex that is performed. If your partner penis get infected then you may also get infected.

Chlamydia Transmission Oral Cause

Another possible cause of infection on oral sex is if your partner mouth or throat get infected with chlamydia trachomatis infection. You may also get infected if you are having more than one sexual transmitted disease in more than one area at the same time. Unluckily, chlamydia often comes without easily seen symptom and it makes many people get infected without being aware of the infection existence. There are several risk that you may get if you do oral sex.

Chlamydia Transmission Oral ExplanationIf you are giving oral sex to a man that has infected penis of chlamydia can bring you chlamydia trachomatis infection in the throat area. When oral sex is provided into woman that has infected vagina or urinary tract then you may get throat chlamydia. Another risk of throat infection will happen if you are giving oral sex to a man or woman that has infected rectum. Throat infection commonly has no shown symptom. However, the sign that may exist is sore throat.

Chlamydia transmission oral have several common symptom. Those symptom are unusual discharge from penis or vagina, burning sensation when urinating, rectal pain or discharge and painfull or swollen testicles. Without proper treatment, chlamydia through oral spreading can lead into pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Other complication that may happen are epididymitis, complication toward baby when pregnant women has chlamydia. All of those reason above makes you should being aware of chlamydia transmission oral.

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