Chlamydia Throat Symptom General Overview

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Chlamydia Throat Symptom General Overview

Chlamydia Throat Symptom General Overview

Chlamydia Throat Symptom General OverviewChlamydia throat symptom without proper treatment will result in long-term health consequences. It may not damage your genital organ but still create a health hazard. The most important thing recognizing the symptom earlier so that you can decide what type of treatment or medication applied. Unluckily, recognizing the symptom is not as easy as it seems because it may come without any symptom.

Throat chlamydia may occur when you are having unprotected sexual course. Even though commonly has no symptom but still several possible signs happen. Those symptoms are a cough, fever, and sore throat. For the gender, throat chlamydia does not have differences in symptom. Even though this type of chlamydia may attack but the possibilities are low compared with genital chlamydia. However, women have a greater risk of getting this disease than men.

Chlamydia throat symptom and its trigger

As prevention, you better avoid several situations that commonly trigger throat chlamydia to happen. The risk will be bigger if you are a young female with multiple sexual partners. Not only women, men that having sex with men will also get high risk especially if apply unprotected oral sex. Next common situation that tent to be the trigger is being forced with sexual assault including oral or anal sex.

If you are already having an immune problem such as infection then the risk of getting chlamydia in the throat will get increased. Bacteria of chlamydia will easily get into your body since low immune system level cannot provide the usual fight level. The patient which already have chlamydia previously also carry the same risk. This disease may transfer from a new partner who gets an infection and left untreated.

Chlamydia throat symptom, how to reduce the infection risk

Have a safe sex by always protecting with a condom. Even though condom cannot provide you a full guarantee but at least it will decrease the risk of getting chlamydia infection. The second preventive way is avoiding sexual intercourse with a person who is infected. However, if you already get the disease then you better get tested immediately. The test is important to make sure whether you have infected or not.

Possible place to take the test:

Take an online test

The online test is possible to take. For those who do not feel comfortable to take the test by other then this is the best choice. Just visit some trusted online store and order the chlamydia test kit online.

Local genitourinary medicine clinic

General health practitioner

Community contraceptive service

The importance of test

Chlamydia in the throat test is not as painful as you think. You just need to take some example through swab test. Take the sample from the mouth or throat area and then send it to the laboratory to get tested. Usually, you will need at least 3 days to get the result. Once you have the test result then you better immediately start proper treatment. Earlier recognition and treatment is important to prevent any long-term effect such as a breathing problem in the affected upper respiratory tract.

Chlamydia Throat Symptom General OverviewUsually, some antibiotic will be prescribed. However, sometime the test will show you a negative result. If it happens then you may get another infection such as common cold, flu, glandular fever, laryngitis, tonsillitis or even another sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea. When you are having mild throat infection along with throat chlamydia then you can take several actions to ease the sore as follow:

Drink sufficient cool water or warm fluids. Do not take any hot drinks because it may make your sore get worse. Take some medication that contains ibuprofen. Ice cream and soft food are great to be consumed since it can help you to defend the pain. Mouthwash remedy can be made by your own. Just simply wash your mouth with a warm and salty water.

Chlamydia throat symptom, when it turns into a critical condition

Common chlamydia throat symptom may get worse and need an immediate medical help when you are experiencing breathing problem. Beware of the sign when your tongue and throat become swollen. Throat chlamydia which is considered not affecting your genital condition still carries crucial health hazard such as increased risk of HIV attack.

When you have chlamydia in your throat, your immune get weaker which is creating a chance for any bacteria and virus to easily attack. HIV will damage your immune cells. Not only potentially damaging the immune cells, this dangerous sexually transmitted disease will decrease your immune level and get AIDS easily. In fact, there is no exact cure for this condition even though some treatment can help patients to live their life normally.

Chlamydia throat symptom and oral sex

Usually, the common cause of throat chlamydia is oral sex. It is simply because chlamydia can be directly transferred from mouth to mouth during oral sex activity. The best prevention is practicing safe sex with condom and dental dam usage. Both of this method at least will provide you protection. However, the best way is being aware of every experienced chlamydia throat symptom.

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