Chlamydia Throat Swab Test

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Chlamydia Throat Swab Test

Chlamydia throat swab test is the procedure to take sample of chlamydia. Before discussing further about how to do it, you better have enough knowledge about oral chlamydia itself. Oral chlamydia is possible to happen when you are having oral sex with an infected partner. The infection will be transmitted from sexual organ into the mouth.

Chlamydia Throat Swab Test

This kind of infection will be affecting throat area. Unluckily, this kind of chlamydia often comes without any clue. Based on this, you need to take test anytime you suspected you had oral sex with suspected partner. One of the best prevention, not to 100 percent avid but at least minimalise infection is by using the condom. You can feel safe and doing unprotected sex when you and your partner already get tested for sexually transmitted disease.

Chlamydia throat swab test, recognizing early symptoms

Usually, the oral chlamydia will affect the cell that lining the throat. When you get infected, you will commonly feel several symptoms such as sore throat or well known as pharyngitis. This symptom will last for about several days with come and go rhythm. Even swallowing action will create a bigger discomfort feeling for you. The sore throat is not the only common symptom. You may also get low grade fever and swollen lymph nodes in neck area.

Chlamydia throat swab test, diagnose and treatment

First treatment for chlamydia patient is antibiotics. Even though seem simple but this disease may become worse without proper treatment. Because of the less symptom shown and the possibilities of more serious medical complication if left untreated then you need to be checked immediately once you suspicious. To make it easier, you may contact the CDC or local health department to find the nearest testing place for you.

Chlamydia throat swab test, sore throat and other possible threat

Chlamydia Throat Swab Test

Sore throat surely comes from a viral infection. It may happen because of chlamydia or not. Sometimes it will getting better in 5 up to 7 days. The sore throat that is not healed in 5 up to 7 days by themselves should be treated with antibiotic. Another possibility that may happen because of sore throat is gonococcal pharyngitis. It is a kind of throat infection that caused by the same bacteria that caused gonorrhea disease.

Whenever you have sore throat that last for several days and accompanied by fever, swollen gland and problem in swallowing then you need to see the doctor. Doctor will do some throat swab test to make sure whether you have oral chlamydia or other kind of disease. If you do not feel comfort enough then you can try to order test kit online. The online test kit is easy to use. Not only that, this kind of testing is also reliable enough. You better take the test to prevent any possibilities of getting chlamydia or oral gonorrhea infection.

Chlamydia throat swab test instruction

Here is the instruction or step to take the chlamydia throat swab test:

  • Tilt you head backwards, open up the mouth and stick out the tongue.
  • Swab posterior nasopharyns and tonsillar arches without touching the side of mouth.
  • Remove the swab and insert into a vial containing 1 -3 ml of transport media
  • Break the swab handle at scored breakpoint line
  • Label the vial with need information
  • Post the sample to the laboratory with provided envelope and postage.
  • Result will be gained around 2 up to 3 working days start from the time laboratory has receive your sample through chlamydia throat swab test.

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