Chlamydia Test Perfect Timing

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Chlamydia Test Perfect Timing

Chlamydia Test Perfect Timing

Chlamydia Test Perfect TimingChlamydia test  is the only way to get an accurate answer of your curiosity on chlamydia symptom. The disease that caused by chlamydia trachomatis bacteria often come without seen symptom and it makes you difficult to recognize. That is why it is often called as silent disease. The risk of getting chlamydia is higher when you are under 25 and have active sexual relationship. It is better if you can get the test every year or every time you change your sexual partner.

Chlamydia Test Process

Most people may feel frightened every time they hear the term of chlamydia test. Actually, it is not as scary as it seems. It is easy to take, painless and very reliable. Once you finish to take the sample, you need to send the sample to the laboratory to get analyzed. If you feel weird or not comfortable enough to come and ask for doctor help then you can do the test by yourself. Simply buy the test kit and take the sample by yourself. The kit will be different between men and women usage.

Women kit will consist of small cotton bud to gently wipe the suspected infected are such as vagina or anus. Men chlamydia test kit will consist of container to place the urine sample. Usually, the test result will be gained around 7 up to 10 days. It is important to take the test immediately so that you can detect chlamydia earlier. After get the diagnose, you can get proper treatment to avoid worse complication. Take the test whenever you or your partner have chlamydia symptom or have unprotected sex activity with new partner.

Chlamydia Test Importance

Chlamydia Test Perfect TimingHaving split of condom while having sex is also needed to get the test immediately. If your partner have sexual transmitted disease then you are also need to take the test to protect yourself. Planning pregnancy or being pregnant is also crucial time to get chlamydia test to minimize spreading chlamydia to the baby. Being sexually active or under 25 of age is the condition that urge you to take the test as soon as possible. Do the test every year or every time changing sex partner is better to do.

Even though you are already get tested, it is even better if you take another test 3 month after the treatment to avoid recurrent chlamydia infection. The test itself can be taken in various places such as sexual health clinic, GP surgery, genitourinary medicine clinic and contraceptive clinic. If you are willing, you can do the test at home by yourself. However, previous advice from pharmacist or GP is needed to choose the right test kit for you. It may not always accurate but you still can take it and send it to the laboratory. Most important of all, earlier is the best time for chlamydia test.

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