Chlamydia Test Importance Reason

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Chlamydia Test Importance Reason

Chlamydia Test Importance Reason

Chlamydia Test Importance ReasonChlamydia test is the only accurate way to find out whether you have chlamydia infection or not. It is simply because chlamydia rarely shown its symptom. Besides that, each symptom that appear to each person is different even thought the common symptom are already listed. For those who have active sexual activity will be suggested to have it in regular basis since the infection may reinfected again. At least, take the test once in a year. For women that is pregnant advised to take the test in first prenatal visit so that the newborn baby will not get infected.

Chlamydia Test Process

Commonly, the test is painless and easy to do. What you are really need to do is erase your fear since knowing the truth will be great to be sure that you are getting earlier alert and proper treatment. The test usually will be taken by rubbing genital area with gently movement with cotton swab to taking the sample from vagina, cervix, anus and urethra. Chlamydia test itself is taken to find whether there is some chlamydia bacteria presence or not. Best thing about the test is sooner you know that you have the infection can bring you proper treatment.

Chlamydia Test Importance ReasonFirst of all, most people may feel scare or shame enough to talk about chlamydia with health practitioner. Some other may become unaware or mistakenly assumed chlamydia symptom with other type of sexual transmitted disease syndrome. This is the reason why chlamydia can be health hazard. Without proper treatment, chlamydia can lead into various case. For women, it may lead into pelvic inflammatory disease, abnormal pregnancy and infertility. For men, severe left untreated chlamydia infection will also lead into infertility.

Chlamydia Test Places

Test on chlamydia infection can be taken in various place such as doctor, health clinic, health department and local health center. It is even possible to do the test at home then send the sample to the lab to get evaluate. The most important thing is being open with your doctor about your condition so that you can be treated earlier. As you know that chlamydia is easy to cure with some antibiotic. The case will be worse if you feel ashamed or unaware so that the stage is turn into critical and lead you into infertility. That is why it is important to take regular chlamydia test.

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