Chlamydia Test Complete Guidance

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Chlamydia Test Complete Guidance

Chlamydia Test Complete Guidance

Chlamydia Test Complete GuidanceChlamydia test  need to be taken immediately when you are suspecting some symptom. It may also be taken without any symptom appear but you have sex partner that having chlamydia or other STD. As one of most common STD in United States, chlamydia trachomatis bacteria often attack without any symptom. That is why it is called as silent disease. There are a lot of cases when patient get unaware of chlamydia and when they aware, it is getting too late. Chlamydia itself can cause many complication toward your health. It is even can lead you into infertility if left untreated properly.

Chlamydia Test Diagnosis

Doctor usually will do chlamydia diagnosis through several things including your medical history, physical examination and test. At least, doctor will ask you some questions that related to the presence of chlamydia trachomatis bacteria such as the urinary symptom, discharge, do you have partner with STD and etc. Besides those question, doctor may also ask you about your sexual habit such as using condom or not, your sexual relationship whether it is multiple partner or not, and the possibility of bleeding during period or after intercourse.

Chlamydia Test Examination

Chlamydia Test Complete GuidanceAfter answering the question, you will do some examination on your physical condition such as genital exam, pelvic exam and urine test. Commonly, chlamydia test result will come out around 2 up to 3 days except chlamydia culture that need longer time around 5 up to 7 days. When you are having positive result on chlamydia test, your data will be reported to state health department. Do not worry about your personal information since it will stay confidentially keep. Later on, health department will contact you about the importance of your partner to get proper treatment.

U.S Preventive Services Task Force is even recommend that sexually  active women and the one that older than 24 but having high risk of sexual behavior to take chlamydia test. High risk here means having multiple sex partner or sexual intercourse without using condom. It is suggested to take the test every year to make sure that you will not infected by chlamydia. Pregnant women with high risk sexual behavior is also need to do the test during first and third trimester visit. Even if you already take the treatment, CDC also recommend you to take the test again 3 up to 12 month after the treatment finish. It is simply to avoid any recurrence infection. All of the information above showing the importance of chlamydia test.

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