Chlamydia Test Complete Explanation Part 2

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Complete Explanation of Chlamydia Test Part 2

Chlamydia Test Complete Explanation Part 2

Complete Explanation of Chlamydia Test Part 2Chlamydia test need to be taken properly to get the best result. If you do this by urine sample then you should not urinate for 2 hours before the urine sample is taken. Besides that, remember not to wipe your genital area before urinating. Take the first part of the urine stream immediately after urinating to get most efficient result. Do not use any medicine or vaginal creams for about 24 hours before having the test if you need a direct sample. Here is the procedure to take the sample from men and women:

Chlamydia Test Sample Collection

Collecting sample for chlamydia test for men will need to insert a swab in the opening of rectum or urethra. Be sure that you are not urinated at least 2 hours before taking the sample. For women, the sample will be taken from the cervix. Doctor will insert lubricated speculum in the vaginal area and spread the vaginal walls. Sample will be taken from the cervix with small brush or swab. Feel not comfort? Try to collect the sample by yourself then bring it to the lab to analyze. If sample is taken from eye area then the doctor will brush gently inside lower and upper eyelids with a swab.

Complete Explanation of Chlamydia Test Part 2Basically, women chlamydia test will be similar with pelvic exam or pap test. Cramp will be felt when speculum get through inside the vagina. For sample that taken from the eye usually will create no pain except for those who have eye sores. Rarely, some person may feel dizzy or even faint because of pain or fear when the swab is inserted into the urethra area. This condition called as vasovagal syncope in medical field. The result will be called normal there is no antigen or chlamydia DNA that is found.

Chlamydia Test Result

Abnormal result will be appear when there is chlamydia or antigens that is presence. To get an accurate result, be sure that you are not using any antibiotics before the test and your rectal sample is free from stool. If the chlamydia test showed that you have chlamydia suspected then you better avoid sexual intercourse for 7 days since the treatment begin. It is even better if you can make your partner also get the test and treatment. As another type of sexual transmitted disease, having chlamydia is also arise your risk to get HIV. This is the basic reason why taking is it important to take chlamydia test.

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