Chlamydia Test Complete Explanation Part 1

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Chlamydia Test Complete Explanation Part 1

Chlamydia Test Complete Explanation Part 1

Chlamydia Test Complete Explanation Part 1Chlamydia test work by taking the sample or your urine or body fluid to find out whether chlamydia trachomatis is exist or not. As one of the most common sexual transmitted disease, taking chlamydia test is needed to get earlier notice and treatment.

Tests used to find a chlamydia infection include:

Chlamydia Test Type

NAAT or Nucleid Acid Amplification Test

This test will find the DNA of chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. It is already proved as the most effective test among others. If you need an example of this NAAT test then polymerase chain reaction can be a sample of it. The polymerase chain reaction test can be taken through urine sample.

Chalmydia culture test

This test is taking to find the bacteria that causing infection. It works by taking a sample of body fluid such as cervix, urethra, throat, eye and rectum which become common area for bacteria to grow. Negative result will be shown when there is no bacteria that infect the cells. In the other side, positive result means that chlamydia trachomatis bacteria already infect bacteria. However, the result might get longer from 5 up to 7 days than other test.

Chlamydia Test Importance

Chlamydia Test Complete Explanation Part 1Chlamydia test is needed to find out whether the symptom that you have is really caused by chlamydia trachomatis bacteria or other type of sexually transmitted disease. In fact, chlamydia do not always shown symptom. That is why the U.S Preventive Services Task Force advised to take test for women who sexually active and in age 24 or younger. Not only that,  older women than 24 with high risk sexual behavior is also advised too.

The chlamydia test is also suggested fro pregnant women with high risk sexual behavior. It should be taken in first trimester and once again in the third trimester. Proper treatment during pregnancy is important to minimize the risk of passing the infection toward the newborn baby. Women that has pelvic inflammatory disease is also need to do this test. Newborn is also need this test to make sure whether they have chlamydia infection if their mother has chlamydia during delivery process. It is the reason that makes it important to take chlamydia test.

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