Chlamydia Symptoms Men, All Detail Recognition

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Chlamydia Symptoms Men, All Detail Recognition

Chlamydia Symptoms Men, All Detail Recognition

Chlamydia Symptoms Men, All Detail RecognitionChlamydia symptoms men may not as familiar as the symptom in women. Some symptom may have similarities while other will have a little bit differences. In fact, around a half of chlamydia in men do not show symptom at all. However, there will be some common symptom that you can start to aware. The symptom may vary start form physic and psychological symptom. Early awareness and recognition will help you to get proper medication and treatment so that you can avoid the long-term effect of chlamydia in men.

Chlamydia symptoms men, List to be Aware

Common Symptom:

Itchy and burning sensation in the penis opening

Pain and swelling in testicles area, usually only happen on one side

An infectious and non-infectious effect from swollen testicles such as hydrocele, spermatocele and testicular cancer.

Sore feeling in the throat area.

Less common symptom:

Penile discharge

The discharge from penis area may be thick, milky or even watery. This discharge is the result of urethra inflammation. Urethra itself is the tube that carries urine and responsible for the ejaculation process. When inflammation happens, a certain condition called as urethritis may happen. Later on, some viruses, bacteria, and yeast can attack the urethra.

Chlamydia Symptoms Men, All Detail RecognitionThe discharge can come out in other colors such as yellow, white or even bloody. Sometimes along with odor and sometimes not. Not only the things that already detailed above, other less common symptoms that happen in male chlamydia are painful urination and ejaculation, inflamed eye and joints and rectal pain.

Chlamydia symptoms men, incubation period and risk

Commonly, chlamydia symptom men will appear around one up to 3 weeks after initial infection. Unluckily, half of men chlamydia case showing no symptom at all. That is why it is important to have regular testing to protect your health. Earlier diagnose will also prevent you from long-term effect. Without proper treatment, chlamydia infection will spread from urethra into the epididymis. Prolong inflammation of epididymis will causing infertility. Reactive arthritis is also commonly happened. Based on all of the information above, you are really need to be aware of chlamydia symptoms men.

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