Chlamydia Symptom in Women Complete Fact

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Chlamydia Symptom in Women Complete Fact

Chlamydia Symptom in Women Complete Fact

 Chlamydia Symptom in Women Complete FactChlamydia symptom in women  commonly occur without any exact sign appear. However, chlamydia is include in the list of most common sexually transmitted diseases in United States. Since it has no seen symptom, it can be infected partner unknowingly. That makes the spreading of bacteria infection get faster. So how to make sure whether you have this disease or not in the case that prevention and earlier treatment will resulting best result. Try to be more aware of the symptom that usually shown in during 1 up to 3 weeks since the infection begin.

Fact about chlamydia symptom in women

If you have chlamydia, you usually will have odor vaginal discharge with white or milky discharge. Besides that, you may also have painful period with bleeding between periods. Do not forget to also being aware with pain feeling during sex intercourse and pain in abdominal area that following with fever.  Beware of your vaginal area when there is an itchy or burning sensation around. Last but not least is pain that you may feel when urinate. The best way to discover whether you have it or not is by taking a test. Usually, doctor will use a swab to take sample from women cervix.

Chlamydia symptom in women test

 Chlamydia Symptom in Women Complete FactThe sample will be bring into the laboratory to be analyze. Another test may happen through taking urine sample to find out the existence bacteria presence. When you are suspecting to have chlamydia symptom in women then doctor usually will give you oral antibiotics prescription. The kind of medication that commonly given are zithromax and doxycycline. Moreover, doctor is also likely to suggest that your partner to take the same treatment along to prevent any further infection spreading.

Proper treatment usually will makes the infection dissapeared during one or two week. Just be sure to finish all the prescribed antibiotic even though you already feel better. Few severe cases will require different treatment. Severe chlamydia symptom in women will need pain medicine and intravenous antibiotics that is only possible through hospitalization. After medication, you better take a rest around 3 months to make sure the infection is already clear. Be sure to stay away from sexual intercourse to avoid further recurrence chlamydia symptom in women.

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