Chlamydia Psitacci Complete Treatment

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Chlamydia Psitacci Complete Treatment

Chlamydia Psitacci Complete Treatment

Chlamydia Psitacci Complete TreatmentThis type of chlamydia is a kind of obligate intracellular bacterium. That is why the proper treatment is using tetracycline and doxycycline around 10 up to 21 days. If severe illness is happen then the chlamydia patient will have fatigue for 2 up to 3 months. Another alternative to deal with chlamydia psitacci is erythromycin. Erythromycin can be applied even though it does not have high success rate of healing like tetracycline.

Other type of medication that may prescribed are those who categorized as respiratory quinolones. Those are gatifloxacin, moxifloxacin and levofloxacin. Besides those three, ciprofloxacin is also effective. Some studies are even showed that the series of antibiotic that mentioned above are effective enough to against chlamdyia psitacci bacteria attact.

Chlamydia psitacci prevention

In fact, chlamydia psitacci is transmitted to man by having direct contact with infected birds. Besides that, the inhalation of aerosolized organism in dried feces and respiratory secretion of infected birds is also possible to be the lead cause. Mostly, chlamydia psitacci will attack adult in 35 up to 55 of age. Usually, those who are infected will suffer from sepsis syndrome and multi organ failure. Not only that, the patient will also had pneumonia. In some cases, human to human transmission may occur even thought rarely found.

Chlamydia Psitacci Complete TreatmentYou better protecting yourself by wearing protective gloves, clothing and N95 respirator when contacting with infected birds or even cleaning the cages. Be aware of the birds sign. Do not buy the birds that have Avian Chlamydiosis sign. It is simply because this sign mean it has diarrhea, low body weight or nasal discharge. Before adding bird to the group, you better held some test and isolate them. Last but not least is practicing preventive husbandry. If you found a bird that need treatment then quickly isolate them before spreading it to the group.

Chlamydia psitacci alternative prevention

Beside all of the ways that already mentioned above, you can do the following ways. You can use disinfection measures. Be sure to remember that chlamydia psitacci is resistant with disinfectant and detergent that contain acid and alkali. You better use some dilution that using ammonium compound , household bleach, isopropyl alcohol and chlorophenols. Another important fact is that you need to avoid any mixture of disinfectant with other product to make it effective since there is no proved vaccine to cure chlamydia psitacci.

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