Chlamydia Pneumoniae Swab Test Complete Explanation

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Chlamydia Pneumoniae Swab Test Complete Explanation

Chlamydia Pneumoniae Swab TestChlamydia pneumoniae swab test  is just one of the test type on chlamydia infection. Sometimes, this type of test is also well known as throat culture or pneumonia testing. The procedure basically done when you are suspecting to have chlamydia pneumoniae infection. You will get swab test on your nose or throat. This kind of test is essential to prove whether you are having chlamydia pneumoniae bacteria or not. In fact, chlamydia pneumoniae is a dangerous bacteria that may threat your life.

Severe effect may happen when you are not aware of this disease earlier. Some miss understanding to referring this disease as cold is also commonly happen. It is because of the first symptom that look alike a common cold. Some runny nose, sore throat and chest congestion happen in early phase. However, these symptom will get worse in longer period. Without proper treatment, you are going to end hospitalized. Since the bacteria cannot be found by microscope then the health practitioner need to do some test to prove it. Culture swab test is needed to make an exact identification.

Chlamydia pneumoniae swab test, other test to combine

Swab test for chlamydia pneumoniae sometimes also combine with blood test. Blood test can be done along if the healthcare provider still do not sure whether you have chlamydia pneumoniae or not. That is why the test held to test the possibility presence of other bacteria too. The procedure of swab test begin by rubbing the cotton swab in the back area of your throat or nose. Once the culture is gained then the sample will be taken to the lab for further examination.

Chlamydia pneumoniae swab test, preparation and result

Chlamydia Pneumoniae Swab TestSometimes, the test result become inaccurate. It is simply because there are other bacteria or germs resence in your mouth and throat. It may need some drawback and commonly need around 1 up to 3 week to get the result. In this case, other test like blood test will be held to make sure whether you have chlamydia as the cause of your pneumonia or not. For the risk, this swab test do not pose any risk at all. Based on that, you will not need any preparation at all.

What you need as prior preparation before taking the swab test is having an open up communication with your healthcare provider. You need to provide complete information about your health condition. They really need to know about the whole medication, vitamin, herb and supplement type that you are taking recently. Whole medication here means including medicine that do not need any prescription and ilicit drug. This information will be useful before taking chlamydia pneumoniae swab test.

Rectal Chlamydia Test

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