Chlamydia Incubation Period Detail

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chlamydia incubation period detail

Chlamydia Incubation Period Detail

chlamydia incubation period detailChlamydia incubation period  must become many people question. It is related with many curiosity on how to recognize chlamydia trachomatis attack and infection process. In fact, chlamydia becomes one of most fast spreading of sexual transmitted disease in the US. The difficulties is to recognize bacterial attack since the symptom is rarely seen. Based on this fact, you will need to discover more about chlamydia incubation period to start recognizing the infection.

Chlamydia Incubation Period Beginning

Without proper treatment, chlamydia infection can lead into various complication.  However, it will be hard to take the treatment if you do not aware or recognize that you are being infected by chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. Usually, the infection will happen around 1 up to 3 weeks after the initial contact with person who has chlamydia. Some visible symptom may appear even though commonly the infection is asymptomatic one. You better take some test to make sure whether you have the infection or not.

Chlamydia Incubation Period Fact

CDC put chlamydia on the list of most infected and wide spreaded sexual transmitted disease in United States. Even 1,5 cases is reported during 2015. Even though the initial symptom usually can be seen during 1 up to 3 weeks after sexual contact but the symptom may also appear months after that. The best way to stay safe is taking a regular test. Besides taking the test, you will need to be aware to several symptom. The symptom itself will be differentiate between man and woman.

chlamydia incubation period detailSymptom in woman usually will be include painful feeling in lower abdominal area, unusual vaginal discharge, bleeding during sexual intercourse, pain while urinate and heavy period. For men, the chlamydia incubation period may started when you have pain feeling in your testis, unusual discharge of your penis. Usually the discharge will be milky, cloudy or even watery that is really different with a normal one. Burning sensation during urinating is also another symptom to be recognize.

When the incubation period symptom is starting, you better start your treatment immediately. Commonly, you will need to take some antibiotic around 5 up to 10 days. The treatment duration itself will be heavily depend on each patient condition. Some people may only need a one time dosage while the other may have to take multiple dosage per day. What you need to do is taking the treatment completely to reach maximum possibility of healing. Complete antibiotic treatment will make you possible tor each 96% of healing success during chlamydia incubation period.

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