Chlamydia in Women Brief Explanation

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Brief Explanation about Chlamydia in Women

Brief Explanation about Chlamydia in Women

Brief Explanation about Chlamydia in WomenChlamydia in women and men are basically has the same cause. It is caused by chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. Even though, early recognition and proper medication can easily cure it but untreated infection may cause serious problem especially in women. Trachomatis infection may damage woman reproduction organ, eyes, throat and lungs. Seems not enough, it is also can lead into infertility problem. Moreover, this disease usually comes without any easily seen symptom. That is why, it is commonly called as silent infection.

Chlamydia in women spreading area

Chlamydia itself is spreading through sexual intercourse. It means that the spreading will not only through vaginal intercourse but also oral and anal. Of course, the best prevention to make sure that you are safe from this disease is by getting tested. Beside that, do not forget to also wearing condom before having sexual intercourse for both you and your partner. However, you will need to be aware of chlamydia in women symptom. Even though it is commonly unseen but usually it will appear around 3 weeks after the infection begin.

Chlamydia in women symptom

The first common symptom is the changing on vaginal discharge because of the uterine cervix infection. It makes the discharge become yellow or milky white colored. Another symptom is burning sensation during urinating process. The burning sensation is caused by urethra infection because of the microbes attack. Without proper treatment, chlamydia in women may attack the fallopian tubes that causing more symptom. When it is reach fallopian tubes, it will cause pain or bleeding during sex, fever, nausea, lower back pain and spotting during period.

Chlamydia in women effect

Brief Explanation about Chlamydia in WomenChlamydia in women may cause infertility if left without any proper treatment. The bacteria will damage the hair lining of fallopian tubes that work as egg guide from ovaries to the womb. The tubes will be blocked and resulting infertility. If still stay fertile, they may get risk of ectopic pregnancy when baby develop in fallopian tubes and not in the womb. This type of pregnancy is dangerous for mother since it may causing further complication. Not only ectopic pregnancy, chlamydia may also resulting pelvic inflammatory disease that attacking uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Inflammation of cervix area is also possible to happen during chlamydia infection. Not only those two disease that mentioned above, fallopian tubes may also get blocked and prevent the egg to reach the womb. Usually, this condition which is called as salpingitis in medication field can be treat with surgery. The last complication that may happen is bartholinitis or swollen bartholin’s glands. Glands that producing mucus get blocked and create an abscess. If it is happen,it can be treated through antibiotics prescription. Above all, you need to stay aware of the sign and symptom of chlamydia in women.

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