Chlamydia in Throat, Complete Guidance

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Chlamydia in Throat, Complete Guidance

ChlamydiaChlamydia in Throat in throat  may not as common as the one that attacking vaginal area. We have to admit that most of us usually associate chlamydia as one of the most sexually transmitted disease that spreading through sexual contact. Since the spreading involving sexual activity then most person always think that it is only infecting genital area. In fact, chlamydia in throat is also possible to happen through oral sex activity. It may cause no symptom at all but sometime also create throat sores.

Chlamydia in throat complete symptom

Most of chlamydia patient do not show certain symptom at all. However, the symptom usually takes time around  2 up to 3 to appear. If the infection happen to women then vaginal discharge, pelvic pain and pain during sexual intercourse is a common appeared symptom. Some women experience bleeding after sex while some other have heavy bleeding between period. This kind of STD need proper medication otherwise will turn into worst case such as PID and miscarriage.

Chlamydia in ThroatIn men, chlamydia in throat are will causing smelly discharge from penis and painful feeling while urinate. Throat sore, redness, swallow difficulties and hoarse voice is a common symptom in male patient. Not only that, fever and body pain is also common to happen. The best way to overcome the chlamydia infection is by immediately taking medication to prevent severe effect. In a rare cases, conjunctivitis is also possible to happen because of the eye get touched by infected semen.

Chlamydia in throat, causes detail

Main cause is the habit of having unsafe sex. Infection also may happen because of sexual fluid interchange even though you do not experience orgasm. It can turn into throat chlamydia if infectious bacteria entering the mouth through oral sex. Another possible cause is by exchanging sex toys.

Chlamydia in throat diagnosa and treatment

In this case, throat swab can help you to diagnose throat chlamydia. The test accuracy will gain the best point when it is done around 2 weeks after have unsafe sex. For treatment, chlamydia in throat can be managed with antibiotic. There are two common types of antibiotic that commonly used. Those are azithromycin and doxycycline. In some cases, erythromycin or ofloxacin is also given to the patient of chlamydia in throat.

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