Chlamydia Ectopic Pregnancy Guidance

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Clamydia Ectopic Pregnancy Guidance

Chlamydia Ectopic Pregnancy Guidance

Clamydia Ectopic Pregnancy GuidanceChlamydia ectopic pregnancy is a condition when pregnant mother have chlamydia trachomatis infection. The infection of this bacteria make the embryo cannot grow like it should be. Ectopic means the pregnancy is happen in the fallopian tube. In fact, 95 percent of ectopic pregnancy is in fallopian tube while the rest may happen in abdomen and ovary area. When the embryo reach the tube then it can happen in the ampular part of tube, intramural, isthmus and fimbraited end.

Chlamydia ectopic pregnancy area

Usually, ectopic will occur in the fallopian tube. Fallopian tube itself is 10 cm long of tube that attached in the uterus. This tube function is to connected uterus to the ovaries to produces ovum. Fallopian tube consist of 4 parts. Those are intramural, isthmus, ampulary and fimbraited end. The tube made from ciliated cell and smooth muscles. Usually, the embryo will be transported to uterus after fertilization process from sperm to ovum. Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria causing damage on ciliated cell and tube. It is the beginning of ectopic pregnancy.

Chlamydia ectopic pregnancy sign

Low abdomen pain

One of ectopic pregnancy is the pain in lower abdomen area. If it happen in right fallopian tube then the pain will be likely severe in the right side of abdomen and vice versa.

Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy

You need to immediately contact your doctor whenever you have vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy . The bleeding itself maybe in form of spot or a heavy one.

Missed period

Clamydia Ectopic Pregnancy Guidance

Even though missed period can be a guarantee that you have an ectopic pregnancy but around 60 percent of ectopic pregnancy patient have missed the period.


Pain during sexual intercourse

Pain feeling during sexual intercourse can be another sign of ectopic pregnancy. If one of the sign is shown then you need to contact doctor immediately to get proper treatment on your ectopic pregnancy.

Basically, anyone can have ectopic pregnancy especially those who have chlamydia trachomatis infection. Unluckily, most of chlamydia patient do not recognize that they have chlamydia. It makes more difficult to recognizing ectopic pregnancy that you get when you are not aware of the initial infection of chlamydia. The best way to prevent this kind of unusual pregnancy is by taking regular test and medical check up on doctor about your health. Be sure to immediately consult when you have unusual sign t safe your reproductive from chlamydia ectopic pregnancy.

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