Chlamydia during Pregnancy Tips

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Chlamydia during Pregnancy Tips

Chlamydia during Pregnancy Tips

Chlamydia during Pregnancy TipsChlamydia during pregnancy for women will enhance the difficulty to face it. Stress that may felt when you are diagnose will need to be properly handled to avoid any unwanted effect. In fact, facing pregnancy period is already difficult for women. However, you cannot simply sorry for yourself and drown into stress since you need to think about not only yourself but also the baby during pregnancy. The best way is contacting doctor or other health provider to get tested immediately. Test is needed since chlamydia often showing unseen symtom and test is the only way to make sure.

Chlamydia itself is infection that caused by chlamydia trichomatis bacteria. To avoid untreated chlamydia infection during pregnancy, Center of Disease Control suggest that every pregnant women need to take the test during their first prenatal visit. As one of most common sexually transmitted disease, Center of Disease Control is even found that there are around 2.86 million of infection happen each year in USA. Not only happen once, some people may get reinfected again by the bacteria. If you are feeling any vaginal discharge, pelvic or abdominal pain then the test is needed to take immediately.

Not only yourself, you are also need to ask your partner whether he experience any abnormal discharge from the penis. If he does, then both of you will need to be tested. If you are having active sexual activity then you will be risked to infected with chlamydia. It may infect you during sexual activity include vaginal, anal and even oral. Your habit to not using condom will also enhance of the possibility of getting infected.  It is even better if you can have test on your third semester so that you can get proper treatment for chlamydia during pregnancy during the delivery process.

Chlamydia during Pregnancy Risk

Chlamydia during Pregnancy TipsWithout proper treatment, the baby may get infected during delivery. In most cases, the baby will get chlamydial conjunctivitis around 18 up to 44 percent while chlamydial pneumonia is only 3 up to 16 percent. Preterm delivery is also possible to happen if you have an active chlamydia infection during pregnancy. Perinatal transmission can spread the infection from mother to the baby. To avoid this, you will need to take first and third trimester test to treat your chlamydia during pregnancy.

Laboratory test will be needed to take sample from secretion of infected area. The common infected area are cervix, urethra, anus and throat. So how it is going if you are proved having positive result to get chlamydia during pregnancy? Usually, you will be given antibiotics that administered orally that advised to take in a single dose or 7 day course. Do not worry about the antibiotic since doctor will only prescribed antibiotic type that safe enough to be consume during pregnancy period. It is even better if you are taking the test again at first and third trimester.

Chlamydia during Pregnancy Prevention

Actually, you can prevent chlamydia through two ways. The first one is avoid any sexual activity while the second is conduct a long term monogamous relationship. Of course, the monogamous relationship can effectively prevent chlamydia infection if only both of you do not have chlamydia infection. Another way that may help you to prevent chlamydia infection is by using condom before having any sexual contact. It is proved that condom usage can reduce the risk of getting infected up to 60 percent. Of course, taking the test is prior to do to avoid ay unwanted effect about chlamydia during pregnancy.

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