Chlamydia Cure for Women

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Chlamydia Cure for Women

Chlamydia Cure for Women

Chlamydia Cure for WomenChlamydia cure that commonly suggested by doctor or health practitioner is medicine. The type of medicine itself is antibiotic. Medicine is one of common tools that use to treat health problem and improving the health condition. Of course, it can improve your health as long as you take it properly as prescribed. If most article may only mention the list of antibiotic to health chlamydia trachomatis bacteria, this article will review much more detail one each antibiotic type.

Chlamydia cure antibiotics list

The first review will be on doxycycline, levofloxacin and ofloxacin. These three type of antibiotic may make your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun rays. That is why you better avoid from the sun as much as possible. Another prevention to decrease the effect of skin sensitivity are wearing long clothes such as long pants, long sleeve shirt and hat. As an addition, wear sunscreen with your doctor recommendation. Your choice on antibiotic type will be limited if you are pregnant.

Women pregnancy, breast feeding or planning to get pregnant will affect the choice on antibiotic. You cannot simply take common antibiotic because your condition is different that other women. It will need to do prior consultation with your doctor before taking any medication. The consultation itself will be urgently needed to avoid any possible harm that may affect your baby. Just be sure to take advice from doctor before taking any medication including over the counter medicine, herb, vitamin and supplement.

Chlamydia cure risk

Chlamydia Cure for WomenWomen that use doxycycline, ofloxacin and levofloxacin will carry higher risk of getting birth defects. It is possible since what mother consume will affect the womb condition. That is why you better talk openly since the beginning with your doctor if you are pregnant before getting any prescription. This situation will need to be observe later along with your doctor to make sure that the prescribed medication will not affect your condition and the baby inside.

One of the best prevention as a part of chlamydia cure is doing medical check up routinely. It is simply because check up is a kind of follow up care to make sure that you are stay healthy. Choose your doctor so that you can record your medical condition history and talk openly with any health condition. If possible, take the test for chlamydia to make sure whether you have chlamydia trachomatis infection or not. Do not forget to keep the list of medicine that you take as a part of chlamydia cure.

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