Chlamydia Complete Guidance

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Complete Guidance of Chlamydia

Chlamydia Complete Guidance

Complete Guidance of ChlamydiaChlamydia is one of common STD in US. It is commonly found since it has fast spreading process. Moreover, the symptom is commonly not seen. This fact make you or your partner may spreading it unknowingly. Data showed that around 75 percent in women and 50 percent in men of infection rate that happens without any symptom appear.  The spreading of this disease is caused by chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. The symptom usually so mild that makes us difficult to recognize the disease until it is too late. Here is the source why this disease commonly known as silent disease.

Facts about Chlamydia in US

As one of STD, chlamydia recognized as one of the big teen on common STD list in the US. In fact, more than 2 million in the age around 14 up to 39 people get infected every year. Women is the most patient that commonly infected. When women gets infected, the bacteria will spread the infection from cervix area to the uterus and fallopian tubes. Sometimes, women even get reinfected since they do not aware of the infection. It makes the risk get higher to get reinfected, not only the women itself but also the partner. The damage in women can causing trouble in reproductive system that may lead into infertility.

Complete Guidance of ChlamydiaNot only infertility, pregnancy that happen in outside the womb may also happen if this disease left untreated. You may infected by this disease by having sex with someone that has chlamydia. The infection is not only spread through vaginal sex but also anal and oral. Even if you are already get treatment in the past then you may get reinfected again especially when you are having unprotected sex. Seems not enough, this disease is not only attacking you but also the baby when you are having chlamydia during childbirth.

However, you are still possible to avoid this disease. The only way to avoid is by avoiding to have sex including vaginal, anal and oral. Try to have monogamy relationship in sex and get tested for STD. If you are categorized as active in sex relationship then you can use latex condoms when you are having sex. The best prevention and treatment may begin through an open consultation with health care provider about STD test. In fact, women is better to have tested one per year. Even bisexual and gay is also need this test to prevent the infection of chlamydia.

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