Chlamydia Causing Infertility Risk on Male

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Chlamydia Causing Infertility Risk on Male

Chlamydia Causing Infertility Risk in Male

Chlamydia Causing Infertility Risk on MaleChlamydia causing infertility is such undeniable fact especially when you left the chlamydia trachomatis infection without any proper screening action and treatment. Even though most of us may only know that infertility will relate to women with chlamydia but actually males also have the same risk. In fact, the earlier caution of chlamydia is difficult to do since most of the cases happen without clearly seen symptom. However, some researcher already found out that it may also cause damage to sperm quality and quantity.

Chlamydia causing infertility fact

A study that using microscopic analysis technique even found out that men with chlamydia have DNA fragmentation on their sperm get damage three times than the condition of healthy men. Not only the quantity that reduced but the quality of the sperm is also affected. Sperm concentration and ability to swim is getting poorer and high defect of shape level. Actually, it can be treated with an antibiotic. Even though cannot cure in a fast period but the DNA sperm damage level can be improved around 36% after 4 months of treatment.

Having earlier detection and treatment will really affect male possibility to get fertile again after chlamydia trachomatis infection. Even the study is also found that around 13 % of couples with male chlamydia partner can get pregnant again. The data showed significant raising percentage after the treatment finish. Totally, around 86 % of couplet successfully get pregnant again since the sperm quantity and quality get improved.

Chlamydia causing infertility threat in young male

Chlamydia Causing Infertility Risk on MaleThe problem is only a few male that realizes the importance of routine screening to protect them from chlamydia infection. In fact, young male around 18 up to 25 is at higher risk to get the infection but they are also the most ignorant one. Most of them think that the screening or test is not necessary to do unless they have a clear symptom. In severe cases, male with chlamydia will have swollen testicles, epididymis, and tightly coiled tube. The epididymis will be inflamed.

This inflammation will make the sperm cannot completely mature and form pregnancy in women. The best prevention is by taking the test for chlamydia occurrence once in annual basis or when you are having a new partner. Besides that, using the condom is also a great prevention step every time you have sexual intercourse. Once you get chlamydia infection detection, earlier treatment will be needed to avoid any further damage to your fertility organ and also vast spreading. However, it is a real fact and risk that chlamydia causing infertility.

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